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WorkFlows – What Are They? – Part 2

One of the uses of workflows is to be able to restart them as needed. In the beginning of previous article, it was mentioned that workflows can be used for “Interruptible activities that can be stopped and re-started”. In this article, we will see the stop and restart feature. To see it in action, let’s bring back our Basic_Workflow program, a good candidate for this because it does a lot of things with only a little code: connects to databases, saves data in files, compresses data, and emails reports.

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Getting Started With Big Data Clusters – Part 3

So far, we’ve deployed a Big Data Cluster and explored its Data Virtualization capabilities

Now, it’s time to look how you can use your Big Data Cluster to consume file-based data from a CSV or Parquet file. The Big Data Cluster component to be used is the so-called Storage Pool.

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Insights From Your Database Using PowerShell and TSQL

Hello All.

I have been looking for quite some time for ways to understand my databases better. There are a lot of DMVs and even some DMFs that help us get information from the SQL Server engine that can be very insightful. Many shops use monitoring tools and they are great because they watch things all the time. I used to rely solely on these tools to get me information about my SQL Server environment. That has shifted since I have been managing a SaaS platform built on top of SQL Server. With hundreds of TB of data and many databases being the same, it becomes pretty daunting to know which databases to care about and how much to care.

This article is about what you can do to get ready for a better maintenance strategy or understanding how your indexes are used.

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PASS Summit Selection Process in 2020

Starting the year

While organizing and scheduling the sessions for PASS Summit is always a challenge, this year has been particularly difficult and unusual. While I’ve written before about the web of overlapping constraints we have to deal with, I’m hoping to cover some more of the process and what has made 2020 a unique year.

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Load Streaming Data into Azure Synapse with Azure Stream Analytics

Once streaming data from devices, sensors, applications etc. have been loaded to an Azure Event Hub or IoT Hub, you are ready to configure the Azure Synapse database and the Stream Analytics job to load it.  This part of the series will walk you through the set up and configuration of the Azure Synapse and Stream Analytics job services.  We will run the stream job to pull data from an Event Hub and load it to Synapse while confirming the speed and efficiency of the near real-time data load.

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PASS Virtual Summit 2020 for a Global Community

Hello, g’day, hola, 你好, guten tag, namaste, olá, marhabaan, こんにちは, salām, cześć’, hallo, shalom, 여보세요, bonjour, hej….

Kia ora PASS Global Community – we really are a diverse group of people spread all across the world. I write to you from Christchurch, New Zealand and will publish this blog out of Vancouver, Canada….

As you saw in Wendy’s post and the PASS Connector, due to the unexpected situation with COVID-19, PASS Summit is going virtual this year. This is a first for PASS Summit and it was a difficult decision for the Board to make.

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A Message to the Amazing Data Community

Hello to the Amazing Data Community,

In case you haven’t heard, on June 3rd, PASS announced that our premier event, and as it so happens, fundraiser, was officially changed from an in-person event to a virtual conference. A lot of you registered early for the event and a bunch of you have registered since we switched over to a virtual Summit. Thank you, one and all. Not only are you supporting your education through our unique content and unparalleled networking opportunities, but you’re showing support for our community of data professionals.

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Getting Started With Big Data Clusters – Part 2

In the previous post, we’ve deployed a Big Data Cluster. Now it’s time to use this system and get some work done on it.

Let’s start with a feature called “Data Virtualization” which is basically PolyBase 2.0. While PolyBase (unlike other BDC features) is also available for standalone SQL Server 2019 installations, it plays an essential role in the BDC architecture. It allows you to bring in data from other data sources like SQL Server, Oracle, and Teradata. It also allows you to bring in data from SharePoint, CRM, or Cloudera through the concept of an external table.

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Choose the Right Azure SQL Database Deployment Options for Your Solution

Happy 10th birthday, Azure SQL Database! Yes, that’s right – Microsoft’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) SQL database is ten years old this year! It’s grown from “Azure SQL” to a multi-faceted service with many options. At its core, though, it has had the same goal for a decade – the service manages the hardware, patching, backups, high availability, and even tuning plans and indexes; you focus on development and performance.

As it’s grown from one limited offering to a set of services, choosing the best option for your application and database can be confusing. Single database or managed instance, DTU or vCore, serverless, hyperscale - how do you know which one is right for you? In this article, I’ll explain the many options available and provide guidance on how to choose the best one for your project.

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PASS Summit 2020 has Gone Virtual

I am pleased to be able to share that this year’s PASS Summit event has gone virtual! We are excited to proceed with a virtual conference and we look forward to welcoming attendees from around the world that would not normally be able to join us at the in-person event.

Launching the PASS Virtual Summit was a massive undertaking for a not-for-profit, especially under such challenging circumstances. Thanks to the community feedback we received over the last few months, and the dedicated team at PASS HQ, we were able to make this conference a reality. Thank you to the dozens of community members that participated in focus groups and provided the insights that informed this change and the revised pricing.

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