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Excited for the Next Phase of PASS

PASS Pro Membership was announced this week and I’m excited to see the launch of a new revenue stream for PASS.  We have all known for a long time that our organization needed this, but what surprised me throughout this process, was what the research taught us.  It showed us that over 50% of our new members have been in their careers for ten years or less, and are looking for opportunities to connect, share, and learn with other data professionals around the world. These are the reasons we all love being a part of PASS, but the needs these new members have are completely different to mine or most of my long time friends in the community.  This shouldn’t surprise me, they haven’t had the chance to build networks, learn from experts, and gain the experience we have.  Organizers like those in Oregon have been running specific tracks catering to students and accidental DBAs for years now, so it should be no surprise that there is a large percentage of our membership looking for the content that our new paid membership caters to.  I am excited that the experienced knowledge experts in our field like Monica Rathbun, John Morehouse, Greg Low and Ginger Grant can offer their expertise in this first wave of amazing content  for these members and help them to grow their careers. .  I could not be more excited for them to experience some of the best teachers our community has to offer!

Melody Zacharias
About the author

Melody Zacharias first discovered what a database is in 1991 and has had a passion for them ever since. Her database passion has led her to immerse herself in all things Data. When she was introduced to the PASS community in 2011, she found it to be supportive and welcoming, so she jumped right in with both feet. She is proud to support that community by speaking at conferences and mentoring new members. Her reach in both mentoring and speaking extends throughout Canada, the United States, Australia, Central America, and Europe.

Her enthusiasm for the SQL community was recognized in 2016 when she was awarded the status of Microsoft MVP for the Data Platform. Her extensive support of the SQL community was further recognized when she was awarded Microsoft MVP Rookie of the Year for Canada.

She has been the PASS Regional Mentor for Canada since 2015 and led her own PASS Chapter from 2012 to 2016. She always leads by example and frequently volunteers to speak at SQL user group conferences and has been asked four times (so far) to speak at the Woodstock of SQL events: SQL PASS Summit.

As a technology leader and business owner, her clients put their trust in her to ensure projects are completed on time, on budget.

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