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Data, AI and Cloud: The Top Data Jobs of Tomorrow

Good news for the PASS community. World Economic Forum’s 2020 Future of Jobs report continues to forecast an exceptionally bright outlook for Data, AI, and Cloud Computing professionals. The Jobs of Tomorrow: Mapping Opportunity in the New Economy examines digital era changes and top emerging professions. World Economic Forum sourced the data from partnerships between New Metrics CoLab, Burning Glass Technologies, Coursera and LinkedIn. Let’s peek at the highlights.

Highest Future Demand Professions

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is creating demand for new skill sets, displacing existing jobs, and giving rise to new ones. This year the Future of Jobs report estimates 28% of emerging new jobs will be for Data and AI or Engineering and Cloud Computing professionals. Seven clusters of high growth professions include Data and AI, Engineering and Cloud Computing, Product Development, Sales, Marketing and Content, People and Culture, Care Economy, and Green Economy.

Source: World Economic Forum 2020 Jobs of Tomorrow

World Economic Forum claims 6.1 million additional job opportunities will be created globally over the next two years in the emerging professions. 1.7 million new jobs will open up in 2020. By 2022, 2.4 million job opportunities will be created – an increase of 51% growth.

Future Demand by Occupation

Let’s explore the emerging profession clusters and specific roles a bit further. The Care cluster got placed highest forecast future demand, followed by Sales, Marketing and Content, and then Data and AI. The professional clusters that exhibit the highest growth rates are Data and AI, Green Economy, and Engineering and Cloud Computing professionals with respective annual growth rates of 41%, 35%, and 34%.

Cloud, app dev, and data skills combined are a winning combination. The roles with the highest expected rate of growth within high-volume jobs include Artificial Intelligence Specialists, Data Scientists, and Full Stack Engineers.

Within the Data Science and AI cluster, the role of an Artificial Intelligence Specialist is the fastest-growing new economy role. Notably, the number of those jobs is relatively low. Fierce competition for those will role persist. If you can’t find an Artificial Intelligence Specialist or a Data Scientist role, check out related Data Analyst, Data Engineer, or Systems Implementations Consulting careers to gain valuable experience. Those professions might be easier to break into and stay gainfully employed full-time.

According to the 2020 predictions, the highest-demand skills within emerging professions span both technical and cross-functional skills. Future in-demand cross-functional skills include business knowledge, specialized vertical industry skills, critical thinking, and soft skills. If you want to stay on top of your game after a billion more people reskill to enter emerging professions, you’ll want to develop strong soft skills too.

For More Information

All in all, the future job forecast for PASS community members looks fantastic. Keep up the good work of constantly learning new skills, helping others, and welcoming a new generation of talent to join us. If you’d like to read the entire Jobs of Tomorrow: Mapping Opportunity in the New Economy report. You can download it from the World Economic Forum.

Jen Underwood
About the author

Jen Underwood is a Senior Director at DataRobot. Over the past 20 years, Jen has held worldwide product management roles at Microsoft and served as a technical lead for system implementation firms. She has a unique blend of product management and “hands-on” experience in data warehousing, reporting, visualization, and advanced analytics. In addition to keeping a constant pulse on industry trends, she enjoys digging into oceans of data to solve complex problems with machine learning. 

Jen has a Bachelor of Business Administration – Marketing, Cum Laude from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee and a post-graduate certificate in Computer Science – Data Mining from the University of California, San Diego.

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