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Back to the Basics: Backups

For many organizations, backups tend to be a hassle-task; relegated to the bottom of the pile to be dealt with by whoever has a few minutes to spare to throw something together. For others, backups are deemed unnecessary due to other high availability or disaster recovery features in their software/hardware stacks. These assumptions are often made when time and money are limited resources, and developing new features is seen as more profitable than adding infrastructure and using up precious developer time. To begin to counter these (and other) common misconceptions, it is best to start out with the reasons that backups are important.

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Design for the Future, Not the Past!

Every organization that manages data fights the same battle on a regular basis. Should systems be architected quickly to solve a current problem, or should they be built to withstand the test of time?

This question sounds like a no-brainer. Who wouldn’t want to build systems that scale, are well-documented, easy to maintain, and can manage the inevitably massive torrent of data that will flood it in the future?

As is often the case in software development, theory and reality differ greatly. Oftentimes building a system or feature correctly the first time is seen as expensive and time-consuming. Deadlines are real and they often influence design as much as the features themselves.  If you have ever worked on a project where the goal was an MVP (minimum viable product), then you understand how this can feel!

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