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A Thank You to Our Volunteers

Hello everyone, 

This PASS (blog or news) is one that hits home to me in many ways. Having lived and breathed volunteer work as you have I come before you today not to talk about what is in the pipeline or on the horizon. Nor am I speaking on issues, problems, or things that need to be fixed or addressed.

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My Thoughts on the PASS Pro Membership

I’d like to start out by saying thank you to the many community members who took part in focus groups and those of you who completed the membership survey, which contained key direction to support both the value that was built, and the price point for PASS Pro Membership. Comparing prices outside of ourselves to comparable organizations was key, and without our peers in the community who helped shape the end result; well, I can’t say thank you enough.

You may notice that in the months to follow, a price increase will occur in October. The initial introductory price was launched to give experienced PASS members the opportunity to become early adopters of the PASS Pro Membership at a reduced cost. The idea behind that is to take advantage of the new features PASS Pro Membership has to offer and help support the evolution of our organization. The future will hold exciting new features and will be introduced as soon as they are available; including the PASS Educational Series and Training Record.

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PASS HQ's Relationship with the PASS Organization

Over the past few weeks, the community has told us you would like a better understanding of the relationship between C&C (PASS HQ) and the PASS organization. In this post, I’ll do my best to give you a better picture of our partnership with C&C, and the value PASS gets from its services as a management company. I understand there are some concerns regarding the use of C&C, which I’ll address, and provide some clarity around C&C’s role within the organization.

We gain an enormous amount – both financially and tactically – from our partnership with C&C. I will admit that, before joining the Board, I had some doubts about PASS’ need for an association management company. I’ve heard the discussions, and I’m glad you’re having them. From outside the organization, it’s hard to imagine the abundance of activities that go on every day with a community of this size. After I got an inside view, I quickly realized that we simply would not be able to run PASS on volunteer support alone. The overwhelming amount of day-to-day administrative activities, community support, finance, website maintenance, troubleshooting, integrations, partner (or sponsor) relations, marketing, event management, data protection, and governance activities are too much for our astounding volunteer force to take on. We rely on the team at PASS HQ to make it happen and keep our organization moving forward year-round with direction from community feedback and Board guidance.

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Supporting the PASS Community

It has been a busy few weeks at PASS as PASS HQ and the Board have been working on all the ways that we can support our community as everyone adjusts to the current global situation. We are all challenged by sweeping changes to the way we work, connect, and collaborate, and I am truly proud of everything PASS is doing for our community.

Perhaps the most obvious change for PASS in recent weeks are the 30+ SQLSaturdays that have made the decision to cancel or postpone their upcoming events. The team at PASS HQ has been working diligently to support these many events, field a multitude of questions, and to provide alternative options. We are making special considerations when re-scheduling event dates, as we aim to provide our dedicated event organizers with as much flexibility as we can. We are also offering a temporary virtual option starting with SQLSaturday events originally scheduled to take place in late March and throughout April, to pilot the initiative. We know that connecting, sharing, and learning in-person is important, and right now we have a unique opportunity to support our members in new ways, bringing people together and sharing the magic of the PASS community from the comfort of your home when you need it the most.

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PASS Regional Mentor Program Re-Launched

As a community-centric global organization, PASS continuously strives to engage with our 300,000+ members around the world – and PASS Regional Mentors help to facilitate these connections. For those who are not already familiar, the PASS Regional Mentor Program supports a team of passionate volunteers who are committed to the engagement, mentorship, and support of PASS Community Leaders and members of their respective regions across the globe. This program has been in place for several years, and it was time to re-visit the eligibility requirements, nomination & selection process, term duration, and responsibilities of the role. Over the past several months, the PASS HQ Community Team has worked closely with members of the PASS Board to re-develop the program, as well as collaborated with existing Regional Mentors for their feedback.

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The Importance of Running for the PASS Board of Directors

It's that time of year again; PASS is looking for new leaders to join the Board. You might be asking why you should consider running for a Board seat when you already have a full-time job and a ton of other commitments. I mean, let's face it, attending Board meetings and taking on the responsibilities of a Board member adds to your already busy calendar.

As a sitting Board member, I can tell you that this is time well spent. I have gleaned valuable insights around patience, organizational financial responsibility, and increased knowledge and passion for the community in which we serve.

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