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Announcing PASS Pro Membership

At the start of this year, I shared that the PASS Board would be focusing efforts on diversifying PASS’ revenue.

PASS Summit currently accounts for 94% of PASS’ revenue and in order for our organization to be sustainable and grow in the coming years, we needed to introduce a new revenue stream that could support our 350,000 strong global membership. PASS membership and engagement has been rapidly increasing, and PASS Summit attendance declining. After consulting members and reviewing community surveys, we determined that our best option for sustainable revenue growth was a paid membership offering.

This paid membership would be available in addition to our existing membership offering, further leveraging PASS’ unique ability to enable members to connect, share, and learn. Features and benefits included in the offering would be above and beyond those currently available through our PASS Standard Membership.

The PASS Standard Membership will remain unchanged, and will continue to include direct access to PASS Virtual Groups, Local Groups, SQLSaturday events, PASS Marathons, 24 Hours of PASS; free newsletter subscriptions (PASS Connector and Insights); and full access to PASS’ comprehensive content library.

It was important that we moved quickly on this initiative, analyzing membership survey data and collaborating with members of the community as we developed the new membership offering. This collaboration consisted of virtual focus groups, community leadership meetings, one-on-one outreach, community surveys, and strategic Board sessions where we asked for insights and ideas around what the community’s education needs were and what an ideal paid membership offering would look like

Although we had many unexpected challenges to overcome this year, we were able to continue making rapid progress and we are now ready to launch our PASS Pro Membership on August 18.

This PASS Pro Membership will drive greater and stronger learning and networking opportunities for the data community through world class content, new training opportunities, and exclusive offers. This membership option will also continue to quickly evolve and expand over the coming months.

We’ve heard from our global community that they want an opportunity to engage with PASS on a much deeper level. Many of our members around the world are unable to attend PASS Summit or our upcoming virtual conference, due to the cost of registration or travel costs associated with an in-person event, so it was important that we provided an accessible option for them to engage throughout the year.    

We also wanted to give our existing members the opportunity to become early adopters of PASS Pro Membership at a reduced cost for launch, taking advantage of the new features PASS Pro Membership has to offer and help support the evolution of our organization

The introductory early bird pricing for the PASS Pro Membership will be $80/year, and standard pricing of $120/year will be introduced in October. At launch, the PASS Pro Membership will include:

  1. Download access to PASS Summit 2019 Learning Pathways
  2. Exclusive partner discounts
  3. PASS Community Connects networking sessions
  4. A PASS Pro Member badge

A Corporate Pro Membership will be made available for groups of seven employees within the same company to become Pro Members for the price of five.

In the months following launch, we will be introducing exciting new features as soon as they’re available. These features will include the PASS Educational Series, curated learning that allows you to start from where you are and go to where you need to be; and a PASS Training Record, which will enable you to more easily highlight your technical expertise and training to your current, or future employers. We also have a roadmap of additional feature launches which we will be announcing as soon as details are finalized.

I am so excited to be able to announce and launch this new initiative for PASS, and I thank all of the community members for their hard work and dedication to make this happen!

I look forward to the PASS community getting behind this offering and supporting the next phase of our organization.

Wendy Pastrick
About the author

Wendy Pastrick joined the PASS Board in 2013, serving as a Director-at-Large over User Groups, Virtual User Groups, and Educational Content. She has worked as a Database Administrator since 2000, supporting both development and production environments. Her many years of involvement with PASS include working with the Women in Technology Virtual Group and the Chicago Suburban User Group, serving as Regional Mentor for the Midwest region, and serving on both the 2011 Election Review Committee and the 2012 PASS Summit Program Committee. Wendy has organized many highly successful PASS SQLSaturday events in Chicago and has spoken at numerous others around the country. She received PASS' highest honor, the PASSion Award, in 2010.

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