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A Thank You to Our Volunteers

Hello everyone, 

This PASS blog post is one that hits home to me in many ways. Having lived and breathed volunteer work as you have I come before you today not to talk about what is in the pipeline or on the horizon. Nor am I speaking on issues, problems, or things that need to be fixed or addressed.

I am here today to give a simple thank you to ALL of the volunteers that help PASS succeed every year. I've done my best to capture the various ways volunteers help continuously:

  1. SQL Saturday Organizers
  2. SQL Saturday Volunteers
  3. UGLocal Group Leaders
  4. Regional Mentors
  5. Moderators
  6. Speakers
  7. Event Volunteers
  8. VC Virtual Group Leaders
  9. Focus Group Volunteers
  10. Feedback Providers
  11. Community User Acceptance Testers
  12. Bloggers
  13. NomCom
  14. Program Committee
  15. PASS BoD

Recognizing all the hard work, the countless hours, and the dedication that goes into all of these avenues is appreciated more than words can relay in this post. As an Exec member of the BoD, I say a sincere thank you.

Christopher Yates
About the author

Chris Yates is a Vice President | Director of Data and Architecture with over 16 years of experience in the SQL industry. He is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, as well as Director-at-Large for PASS. His experience includes design and implementation of both OLTP and OLAP solutions, as well as assessment and implementation of SQL Server environments for best practices, performance, and high availability solutions accompanied by a strong development background.

Chris enjoys helping others in the SQL Server community and does this by contributing to several SQL forums, creating “The SQL Professor”, and speaking at several SQL functions. His passion and focus is not only on technology but also helping others along their way and career path.

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