The following policies help to govern PASS and support the global membership.

PASS Bylaws
The PASS Bylaws govern all global PASS operations.

PASS Director Speaking Policy
Guidance for PASS Board members on taking paid and unpaid speaking opportunities, including examples of PASS-owned, PASS-sponsored, and PASS-branded events.

Volunteer Leadership Policy
Guidance and support for PASS volunteers who are currently in a volunteer leadership role, including: PASS Board Executive, PASS Board Directors, PASS Board Advisors, Regional Mentors, Group Leaders, Virtual Group Leaders, and Program Managers. 

PASS Summit Anti-Harassment Policy
Guidelines for appropriate behavior and the process for how to report any incident of harassment.

PASS Anti-Harassment Incident Summary Report
This document serves as guidance to reporting an incident of harassment.

PASS Board Guidance Policy

This document serves as official guidance for Board members.

PASS Reserve Policy 
This document serves as official direction on how PASS reserves are governed.

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