Microsoft Ignite

As you may be aware, Microsoft recently announced that Microsoft Ignite 2019 will take place November 4-8, which is the same week as PASS Summit.


As you can imagine, this is not ideal, and I’d like to share some details about the situation. As Tim mentioned in his recent PASS Summit 2019 Announcement blog post, PASS Summit planning begins years in advance to keep event costs at a minimum, and to ensure we are able to secure a venue. With the size and requirements of our conference, options are limited, so advanced planning is required. Because the process starts up to 8 years before the conference date, we explore dates that we feel will be least impacted by other events and holidays.


At the time of planning PASS Summit 2019, Microsoft Ignite was a spring event. Our Microsoft Board partners were not privy to the dates of future Microsoft Ignite events; and we relied on the available information to book our location and date at that time. When we were made aware of the potential conflict of dates, we immediately started exploring what it would take to move PASS Summit. We had to consider everything such as available dates, available venues, cancellation fees, and most importantly the impact on attendees.


After looking at all the variables, it was determined that the impact to our attendees and the PASS financials would be far too great to move the dates of PASS Summit 2019. It is best for everyone to stay the course.


Despite the conflict in dates, we are confident in our ability to deliver an incredible PASS Summit 2019. These two conferences offer different opportunities to attendees: Microsoft Ignite provides IT Pros and department managers with a high-level overview of the new products and technologies available across the entire Microsoft technology platform.  PASS Summit provides deep dive technical know-how specific to the Microsoft Data platform, and a strong community experience.


There will be bumps in the road, but with over a year to plan, we know PASS Summit 2019 will continue to support our community with the best educational content and professional networking for the Microsoft Data Professional.