Looking Ahead at the Future of Virtual Groups

Growth of our Virtual Groups has been incredible since they began 10 years ago. With 30 Virtual Groups (VGs), including eight with language-based content, we have delivered over 25,000 hours of online education so far during this fiscal year 2017. With the growth of our virtual and on-demand learning, PASS continues to strive to ensure community members have the greatest opportunity to participate virtually. 

This accomplishment could not have happened without the ongoing engagement from our Virtual Group Leaders and the community. I want to personally thank our Virtual Group Leaders for all of their hard work and for producing ongoing up-to-date content so that our members can stay competitive in the data platform and continue to be engaged. 

Over the last two years, I truly enjoyed working with this portfolio and witnessing the progress that we’ve made together. Now, as I transition from the Virtual Groups portfolio to the Educational Content side, I’d like to share some thoughts on where I see Virtual Groups heading in the future.

PASS will continue to work on features of our new PASS.org site, directing an ongoing effort and emphasis on improving the Virtual Group experience for PASS members. PASS is committed to providing access to valuable content, and streamlining communications with members. Not only does the new PASS Learning Center provide access to conference recordings and thought leadership resources, but also recorded webinar sessions, pulled directly from our Virtual Group YouTube accounts. Next step efforts include work on tagging, GoToWebinar integration with the PASS Group Dashboard, and a new Time Zone Leader initiative designed to provide content in real time to time zones across the globe.

For those of you who haven’t had the chance to visit the new pages yet, please head over to the Community tab to learn more. We will keep you updated on progress, and look forward to continued collaboration moving forward.

Wendy Pastrick
Director, Educational Content