New #SQLPASS Virtual Chapter Webcasts

Cross-posted from Brent Ozar’s blog.

By Brent Ozar
Sept. 30 – Want to learn more about what it takes to run a PASS Virtual Chapter? Want to volunteer to get one up and running? Or maybe you want to up the game for your local user group and start doing webcasts of local speakers?

Jen Stirrup is running a free Wednesday webcast series to get you started. She’s the Director of PASS Virtual Chapters, and she’s on the PASS Board of Directors. Click on the titles you’d like to register for:

Oct 8 (Wed) – Virtual Chapter Padawan, covering:

Oct 15 (Wed) – Virtual Chapter Jedi, covering:

Oct 22 (Wed) – Virtual Chapter Management, covering:

Oct 29 (Wed) – Virtual Chapter Soft Skills, covering:


For more information, check out Jen’s blog and follow @JenStirrup on Twitter.