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Welcoming our Knowledge Partners

The PASS organisation has always benefitted from a close working relationship with our vendors. Beginning with founding partners Microsoft and CA technology in 1999, we’ve since added the Global Alliance Partner (GAP) program to help us strengthen ties with industry-leaders like Quest, Sentry One, Redgate, and Idera. These partnerships have given us insights into emerging trends in the data industry, flexibility in piloting new programs, and a reliable sounding board for initiatives that support the evolution of our community.

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FAQ for New Speakers

One of the goals of the PASS Women in Technology (WIT) Virtual Group is to promote sessions presented by women, be that well-known seasoned speakers or new speakers just getting started. Presenting at technical events can advance your career by helping you build your brand, gain recognition, and lead to opportunities.

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GDPR Compliance

We take the privacy of your data and the way we communicate with you very seriously. In preparation for the GDPR regulations coming into effect on May 25, 2018, the team at PASS HQ has been working diligently to review our business processes, and ensure that PASS is in a defendable position for compliance in two key areas: Communications Practices and Data Protection.

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PASS Election 2018 Timeline

As we work towards improving the PASS Election process, I am excited to share the updates we have made to the Election timeline this year. Our goal is to increase community participation, encouraging both candidates to submit applications and eligible voters to submit their ballots. 

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Transparency in the Community

One of my top priorities since stepping into my role as VP of marketing, has been to refine and improve our communications strategy across the organization. While we have made improvements in our communications process – increasing our social media activity and providing more context in communications like the open letter from Grant on the future of SQLSaturday and the associated townhalls to address any outstanding questions – we’ve heard your feedback and know that we still have a lot of work to do. Complete transparency with the entire global community is our goal and we are committed to achieving this. 

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The Value of Joining a PASS Local Group

A handful of years ago, just before the annual PASS Summit conference (an event focused on technical professionals who use the Microsoft Data Platform), the leader of my PASS Local Group reached out to members planning to attend. He had arranged for us all to meet for breakfast during the event and I soon found myself sitting with a small group of fellow enthusiasts from my hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, chatting about real world SQL problems. Myself and one of the other individuals ended up hitting it off and we became solid acquaintances. A few weeks later, when my shop was in search of an experienced data professional, my thoughts immediately returned to the conversations I’d had with this person. One thing led to another and, in the end, we hired them.

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An Open Letter to SQLSaturday Organizers

Over the past few months, we’ve received lots of questions and concerns regarding the future of SQLSaturday, and following today’s PASS FY 19 Priorities blog post, I wanted to personally address these concerns and hopefully put them to rest.

I can’t stress enough, PASS loves SQLSaturday. These events are an essential part of our organization and they are not going away.

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PASS Priorities FY 19

On January 30, we kicked off 2 days of Board meetings in Woodinville, Washington, where we welcomed our newest members to the Board. It was great to see such a diverse group of data professionals being represented in the room.

First up on the agenda was a review of our priorities throughout the fiscal year. PASS is in the business of connecting and training data professionals globally. We believe that by providing world-class educational content, we will not only increase member engagement, but also drive attendance to events like PASS Summit, helping us to close our revenue gap.

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Looking Back at our 2017 OVA Winners

The PASS organization and community is constantly growing and evolving thanks to the volunteer efforts of our members. Every month, we ask our members to nominate a volunteer who has gone above and beyond to support our community of data professionals and we present them with an Outstanding Volunteer Award.

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Thank You to our Outgoing PASS Board Members

As we prepare to welcome the new PASS Board members taking their seat on January 1, 2018, I wanted to take a moment to thank our outgoing Board members for their hard work and dedication to the PASS organization and community.

The following Board members will be completing their tenure on December 31:

Chris Woodruff – Director, Community Development
Jen Stirrup – Director, Special Projects
Denise McInerney – Vice President, Marketing 
Thomas LaRock – Immediate Past President

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