As we prepare for the upcoming PASS Summit 2018, I wanted to share an update on our planning progress for PASS Summit 2019, which is already well underway.


I’m pleased to announce that next year’s event will be taking place in Seattle on November 5 - 8, 2019.


Our planning for PASS Summit typically begins five to eight years in advance of the event to give us time to research locations and accommodations, obtain quotes, and negotiate contracts. This is an extremely lengthy process with a lot of back-and-forth between venues, vendors, and suppliers.


As our flagship event, PASS Summit requires countless hours of preparation to ensure that attendees have the best experience possible each year. A conference the size of PASS Summit comes with requirements that necessitate early booking.


One of our key considerations when planning for PASS Summit is budget. As the world’s largest conference for professionals leveraging the Microsoft data platform - averaging 4,000 attendees each year – it can be challenging to find a cost-effective location that can accommodate our attendee numbers and requirements.


By securing our venue as far in advance as possible, we can negotiate favorable rates. Lower rates allow us to save money which we can invest back into other areas of the conference, and association, that are most important to the community.


We also incorporate attendee survey results into our planning process. Attendee satisfaction is our top priority for PASS Summit, and this information provides invaluable insight into what is truly important to our attendees, and what they would like to see more of at future events. I encourage all of you attending PASS Summit 2018 to take a few minutes to complete the attendee survey and share your feedback once the conference is over.


Another consideration when planning for PASS Summit is conflicting event dates. Because our negotiations begin so far in advance, we can’t account for all events, but we do consider the time of year that recurring events fall on and build this into our scheduling.


Though the PASS Summit planning process begins up to 8 years before the event, we can only share these dates once contracts have been finalized and venues have been secured. This is to prevent members from scheduling their calendars around an event that remains subject to change. Generally, we don’t announce the next year’s PASS Summit date until we are onsite, but we are in a position this year to announce it early, and it seemed fitting to follow up the announcement of the Financials with this announcement, as PASS Summit is such a cornerstone of our association.


Please note, registration for PASS Summit 2019 has not yet begun, but we will communicate this to the community once open.


As mentioned in Wendy’s blog, PASS Summit is the primary revenue-generator for PASS, and every attendee helps to fund our organization throughout the year. The money generated from attendance is invested right back into the educational content, resources, and programs that are provided to our members free of charge, 365 days-a-year.


If you haven’t already done so, register for PASS Summit 2018 today to take advantage of the world-class sessions and speakers on offer at this year’s event in Seattle, November 6 - 9.