In my travels through work and as a volunteer Board member, I get to meet PASS members and data professionals from all over the world. I’m frequently asked questions about how PASS is run and how decisions are made within our organization; so, I wanted to share some insight into the organizational structure of PASS and how our stakeholders work together.


PASS consists of three core groups; the PASS community, the PASS Board, and PASS HQ.


First and foremost, PASS was created by the community, for the community. The PASS community is the driving force behind all of the decisions made by the PASS Board.


The PASS community is also responsible for electing the PASS Directors-at-Large. This Board is comprised of twelve members; a four-member Executive Committee, six Directors-at-Large, and as one of two Founding Partners (Microsoft and Computer Associates), Microsoft has two seats which are appointed to representatives from both Marketing and Engineering. Computer Associates resigned their two seats on the Board in 2014.


Every fiscal year, three two-year term Director-at-Large seats (comprised of a US/Canada seat, a regionally directed seat for Global representation, and an open seat) become available for general election. The full twelve-member Board biannually elects fellow Directors to serve on the Executive Committee for a two-year term; consisting of the President, the Executive Vice President, the Vice President of Marketing, and the Immediate Past President. Along with the two Microsoft seats, this body is known as the PASS Board of Directors.


The PASS Board of Directors is responsible for setting the policy, overseeing all daily activities, deciding the short and long-term strategy of the organization, and providing direction to PASS HQ.


PASS HQ consists of a team of professionals employed by Christianson & Company (C&C); a specialized Association and Event Management company that has been focused on PASS over the past 11 years. C&C is contracted to run the end-to-end management of our organization; spanning Community, IT, Operations, Programs, Events, Marketing, Sales, and Communications; receiving all direction from the PASS Board of Directors.


Many members of the C&C team have worked with PASS since 2007 and have dedicated their time to building relationships with community members, supporting volunteers, and ensuring that operations within PASS run smoothly. While the face of the Board changes every year, the longevity of the PASS HQ team provides consistency, historical context, and the opportunity to stay focused on the long-term health of our organization.


The unique model created between PASS and C&C allows for financial transparency, cost savings, and a team of individuals dedicated to the PASS organization.


The Board and PASS HQ collaborate regularly to ensure that the goals of the organization are achieved on schedule and on budget. The PASS Board is responsible for driving the strategy of the organization and PASS HQ is responsible for supporting this direction and executing the activities that help us achieve our goals. This includes supporting the three FY 19 pillars set by the Board and delivering more content, 365 days-a-year.


On top of the day-to-day management of the PASS organization, PASS HQ is also responsible for planning, promoting, and executing the annual PASS Summit conference. Along with the extensive end-to-end event planning that goes into PASS Summit, the team at PASS HQ also manages the sales and marketing initiatives that help us reach our registration goals and sponsorship revenue targets. 


Of course, none of this would be possible without the hard work and insights of our incredible network of volunteers and community members. Volunteers are the life blood of PASS, contributing in so many ways, such as running Virtual Groups, Local Groups, and SQL Saturdays. They are the day-to-day representatives of PASS, dedicating their time to help the community. We support them with tools, technology, and financial resources, but without their year-round commitment, PASS wouldn’t exist. 


Everything we work on is driven by the community. You are the reason we do what we do, and the collective efforts of the PASS Board and PASS HQ are channeled into the well-being of our organization; providing you with the best educational, networking, and professional development opportunities in the industry.


We look forward to working with the community on exciting new initiatives in FY 19, and we will continue to announce these updates as they happen.


I encourage you to share your feedback with us at anytime, it’s what keeps us moving forward. While it’s not possible to action every request, I can assure you that we carefully consider everything we receive.


You can reach out to any of us on the Board through our personal contact details available on and you can contact me directly at


For community-related feedback, contact and for more general inquiries, contact PASS HQ at