The world of data and technology is evolving at a rapid pace. To keep up with this ever-changing data economy, PASS Summit 2017 (held last month in Seattle, WA) offered global data professionals the opportunity to not only learn through traditional educational sessions, but to share and exchange knowledge, both formally and informally, through conversations, hands-on learning, and networking.

It’s been great to see all the buzz that PASS Summit 2017 has generated this year. We’ve curated some of our favorite articles, blog posts, and round-ups for you. See something missing? Comment below and we’ll add it to the list!

The New World of Tech: How Amazon and Google ended up inside a Microsoft database conference (Geekwire)

As tech companies have increasingly made their technologies work together, they’ve found themselves cooperating in many areas even as they continue to compete in many others.

Microsoft Highlights Drive to Enhance Data-oriented Hybrid Cloud Services. (TechTarget Podcast)

At PASS Summit 2017, Microsoft highlighted recent steps that are part of a larger drive to enhance data-oriented hybrid cloud services. These ranged from new data migration services for those ready for the cloud journey to Azure Data Factory, and enhancements that help existing SQL Server Integration Services users make the cloud leap.

Kudos to PASS Summit 2017 (DBA Kevlar)

I attended my first Pass Summit last year and was incredibly impressed with the quality of content, as it geared towards the topics and focus someone like me would be interested in. One of the first things that stand out from other events is the Anti-harassment policy notification… I give credit to the importance Microsoft and the PASS community gives to diversity and inclusion.

PASS Summit 2017 Twitter Round-up Part One and Part Two (Key2Consulting)

An attendee’s two-part perspective on #sqlfamily at PASS Summit.

Reflecting on my PASS Summit 2017 (Deb the DBA)

There were so many people I met last year that I was looking forward to seeing again. And there were people I met online that I got to meet and hang out with in real life. Even better, I got to meet a lot of new and awesome people I didn’t know I need to know before going.

First-timer Here (Gal in a Cube)

Walking into the conference, I immediately felt like I was home.  I seriously never expected this conference to be as amazing, fun, crazy, and enlightening as it was. I never expected to develop a relationship with some of the greatest minds in the SQL and technical world.

My PASS Summit 2017 Experience (DotNetVibes)

It was a 4 days marathon with events starting as early as 6.45 AM and lasting till midnight with few of the awesome after parties. The PASS Summit was a unique conference in so many ways.

How to be the Top SQL Shack Author and Attend PASS Summit Twice in a Row (SQL Shack)

The Exhibit hall has allowed me to meet the top companies that provide integrated solutions to make the DBA and developers life easier. During the conference, the Microsoft Clinic was a magnificent stop between the sessions, in which I could ask the SQL Server creators about my SQL Server issues.