Back in August, I shared with the community an overview of PASS’ priorities for our 2018 fiscal year (FY18 – running from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018). With one quarter behind us, I wanted to share our progress so far.

Our FY priorities center around 3 pillars:

1. Thought Leadership

2. Membership Growth

3. Financial Strength


Our focus on being the go-to thought leadership resource for data professionals is most obvious in our efforts around PASS Summit this year. We will continue to expand this approach across the organization to ensure our members are provided with fresh, expert-led educational opportunities and resources throughout the year.

In support of our overall goals as an organization, we continue to strive for worldwide membership growth through increased community exposure, ease of sign up, and member-only access to exclusive resources. We have continued our focus on supporting developers within PASS, as illustrated through our dedicated Developer content at PASS Summit and our first ‘PASS Marathon: Developer Edition’, taking place on November 14th.

Regarding worldwide representation in our community, I’m happy to say that the community has elected the most regionally diverse Board to date, for the 2018 term. This is a fantastic opportunity to reinforce the global perspective in the way we do business day-to-day.

Our third pillar is financial strength as we continue the support of the community. To grow the organization, we must invest to achieve a future of financial growth. We continue to look for creative new avenues as well as rely on valued partners. Our partnership with Microsoft continues to thrive; their commitment to sponsor every single SQLSaturday event world-wide, as well as the increased support they have provided at PASS Summit this year is a testament to that. We will have more to share on PASS FY financials in the new year, once we have reconciled our activities from the first six months of this FY.

In support of these three FY pillars, our IT priorities are to improve our core infrastructure, back end systems, and data quality. We have implemented long overdue redundancy to our website, including load balancing and disaster recovery. In the coming months, we will improve the functionality of our online learning center to make the many hours of amazing educational content our community produces accessible in a quick and meaningful way. These areas are foundational to our ability to serve a global community as we connect, share, and learn together.  To accomplish these tasks, we have had to deprioritize resources in other areas, such as the SQLSaturday website. While challenging, this allocation of limited resources is required to serve the greater community of data professionals.

It has been a busy few months for our team and I look forward to continued progress as the year winds down. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at