As a long time member of the PASS Community, I jumped at the opportunity to try stepping out of a technical position and into the role of Community Evangelist. Since then, I’ve had the privilege of working closely with the PASS HQ team to support our volunteers around the world, both in-person at local events and internally behind the scenes. And while I have enjoyed the challenge of working with the PASS Community from an entirely different perspective, I have made the decision that a technical role is a better fit for me and as such, will be stepping down from my role as Community Evangelist. However, I won’t be going far! I will still be involved in the community as an active volunteer and will work with PASS HQ to transition my tasks as smoothly as possible.

Over the past year, I have met more talented and passionate volunteers in the PASS community than I can count. From SQLSaturday Organizers to Regional Mentors, Local and Virtual Group Leaders, on-site volunteers, speakers, all the way up to the PASS Board of Directors. These volunteers are the heart and soul of PASS. Every day, at user group meetings and events, in private conversations and during work lunches, they share their knowledge and help others connect. They don't just talk about what PASS is, they are PASS.

As the key contact for all things SQLSaturday related, I've worked with organizers to help launch over 100 events in the last year, including 14 first-time events in 3 new countries and 11 new cities, as well as SQLSaturday #700! 

With a global, growing community full of passionate volunteers, I have no doubt that PASS HQ will be able to find new ways to work closely with the community, and I see potential for multiple volunteer “Community Evangelists” among the incredible group that we already have. 

My last official day with PASS will be December 8th. I'm looking forward to watching PASS grow even more in 2018 - just from the other side again :) But before then, I look forward to seeing you at PASS Summit 2017 in a couple short weeks!