The PASS Board of Directors will be meeting in Vancouver on June 27 & 28, 2017 for two days of in-person Board meetings. One important item on the agenda is the Bi-Annual PASS Executive Committee Election. As the current Immediate Past President, I have the task of chairing this election process and wanted to share a quick overview of the process with you. 

During this election, the PASS Board will nominate and vote to appoint eligible Directors to each of the individual offices that make up the Executive Committee (ExecCo). The PASS Executive Committee (ExecCo) consists of the President, the Immediate Past President (that’s me), the Executive Vice President (EVP) and the Vice President of Marketing (VP). Each office, outside of the Immediate Past President, is up for election for 2018/19 for a two year term. All Directors, other than Vendor-Appointed Directors, are eligible to be nominated for the EVP & VP, but in order to be eligible to the office of President, a Board member must have served at least one prior term on the ExecCo.  The IPP itself is a position that the President rolls into at the expiry of their term as President. 

Being a member of the PASS ExecCo is a big responsibility. The ExecCo is tasked with leading the Board and organization as a whole. Together with the Board, the ExecCo steers PASS’s mission, strategy, goals and ultimately the prosperity of the organization. I look forward to seeing who will take on this challenge for the next two year term. I will share an update with you next week following the election. Stay tuned.