Two weeks ago at PASS Summit 2016, we had the opportunity to give our community members a sneak peek at the new PASS brand and website project that we’ve been working on for the better part of this year. To watch the reveal or see the brand come together, please watch it here.

We chose to introduce it at Summit, our largest annual gathering of our community, so we could hear directly from those in attendance. We loved the brand, but we were eager to hear what others thought about it as well.   

The initial response has been very positive, with community members interested in adopting the new brand. But, at the same time, we know that change is not easy, especially with a re-branding exercise of this size. PASS is a global community with hundreds of events worldwide, and a vast community of volunteers, websites, portals, and partners. We are currently in the in-between period. We haven’t retired our previous brand, but are not yet fully immersed in our new brand either. We have started the process, but to be practical and successful in the full transition, have planned for it to take some time. Some of the new branding is now being used, particularly promotion and advertising for PASS Summit 2017 and our newest event, PASS Business Analytics Day. Many of you are likely asking, why? Why use the new with the old?

Our new brand will be rolled out starting in January 2017, with the new website to follow shortly afterwards. We made a decision that any PASS-owned events starting in 2017 should have the new identities; it just seemed right. For example, PASS BA Day is a new event and we saw inclusion of the new visual identity as critical. So, we decided to release it with the updated brand even though it would be inconsistent on certain channels (e.g. advertisements on the website). The same for PASS Summit 2017. The lead time needed for promoting the event required us to immediately use the brand to support marketing efforts.

We recognize that it does look a little odd to have this mix of old and new branding co-existing. Soon, the new branding will be released alongside the redeveloped website and there will be enhanced brand consistency moving forward.  

Rolling out the brand is a big job and we are eager to get started. As we commence this, you will see more of the brand start to trickle out. A comprehensive plan is being finalized that will be shared with our community leaders on integration of the new brand, including guidelines for use.

We ask for your patience and understanding while we undertake this process.

Denise McInerney
VP, Marketing