With the Data Modernization Tour well underway, we wanted to share some of the community feedback, highlights, and photos we’ve been receiving from attendees around the world.

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Hamish Watson, New Zealand – June 8

It was a very good event. People had a great time and were engaged. We had some great conversations around what people were experiencing in their upgrades and more importantly - what they didn’t know about. Attendees said how great the day was, and also how relevant the Modern Migration session was

I’m appreciative of the massive amount of work that PASS & Microsoft & Intel have gone to.

Thanks again for your support - you did a fantastic job and should be proud of what you’ve achieved.


David Hiltenbrand, Memphis – June 13

The event day went well. We delivered the full “Modernizing with SQL Server the Right Way” session and then select portions of the “Modernizing with SQL Server 2019 & Intel” session. Throughout both sessions, the attendees were engaged and raising questions regarding the topics.

The feedback from attendees was all positive. Multiple people let us know that they felt the workshop was worth their time and we had a couple come ask clarifying questions afterwards regarding specific migrations they were either working on currently or starting soon. We were told that they hoped there would more events like this in the future.

Thanks so much for all of you help!

Ed Pollack, New York – June 19

Presentations were very solid.  I got very positive feedback on the migration process, new SQL Server features, and tools. 

All attendees were running at least some SQL Server 2005/2008/2008R2 servers and had a strong interest in upgrading.  The compatibility level guarantee was a huge win and attendees were super-excited that they could upgrade using that methodology…attendees really appreciated the hands-on with the tools and a chance to kick the tires on the upgrade process.

Attendees saw the day as a worthwhile use of time and were glad they could make it… they liked the presentations, took quite a bit of notes, and were very engaged with the content!

This was a great idea overall and I am glad that Albany was given the chance to host the event.  For Microsoft, it was a big win as we had 2 attendees whose organizations were frustrated with upgrades and considering going to other technologies.  They left with much more confidence and better idea of how to upgrade safely than before.

As a trainer, I learned quite a bit and was happy that the presentation included very recent updates/new features I 2019.  Thanks again!

New York attendee feedback: I enjoyed the day and it was a good learning experience. 


Markus Ehrenmueller-Jensen, Vienna – June 12

People learned new stuff and enjoyed the lab and learned something from that as well.


Paresh Motiwala, Boston – June 8

Without a doubt, having 49 people show up on a beautiful, warm, sunny Saturday, when it rained for 6 months, is amazing.

MORE AMAZING: Everyone stayed for the afternoon hands-on labs, where they used free tools Microsoft provides, to diagnose upgrade issues from SQL 2008 to 2017, and teamed up to help each other.

Feedback for this event was overwhelmingly positive, with long-time folks saying it was the best event ever.

Finally, we thank PASS, who Microsoft helped start 20 years ago to help spread the message of the Microsoft data platform.

Key takeaways:

  • Learning there are changes in how to treat SQL Server upgrades
  • Learning about the choices of migration target (Azure SQL versus Managed Instance versus SQL Server in a VM or on-premises)
  • Learning there are hardware upgrades that can make SQL Server even faster
  • Learning about the tools available to make the upgrade testing process more robust

We had a very successful event. Thank you for all your help.

Boston attendee feedback: It was a great day of learning!


Ginger Grant, Phoenix – June 12

The session went very well. I had someone attend from Intel and he appreciated the comments regarding the hardware improvements.  Thank you for supporting this effort.


Rome attendee feedback: Gianluca Hotz and Danilo Dominici are great speakers and also they managed to answer all sort of questions on the migration that came to my mind :-)


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