On February 12 we held our first in-person Board meeting of 2019, taking place over two days in Kirkland, Washington. This was also our first on-site meeting with newly appointed Board members Roberto Fonseca, Lori Edwards, and Jennifer Moser. We officially welcomed them to the Board and launched them straight into the deep end!

The meeting kicked off with an update on our FY 2019 priorities; what we’ve done, where we’re at, and where we’re going. As outlined in a previous blog post, we remain focused on strengthening our three pillars—expanding and targeting educational content across PASS audiences, driving accessibility, and amplifying the engagement of our membership.

We’ve made huge advances in these areas through initiatives like the introduction of architecture, data management, and analytics streams; increased frequency of PASS Marathon events; and updates to our PASStv channel, improving the searchability of our free YouTube content over the coming months. We look forward to lots more to come throughout the year.

Next up was a review of the membership survey results. Thanks to the participation of over 2,400 PASS members, we gathered data we can use to better understand our members’ needs; impacting our educational format and content throughout the year and at PASS Summit.

To give you a taste, some of the key findings by job function were:

  • Analysts are our fastest growing segment
  • Architects are our most engaged segment
  • BI Professionals have the best global representation
  • DBAs are our biggest fans—based on NPS ratings
  • Developers are our second fastest growing segment

As different segments of PASS membership emerge and develop, we discussed the need to review the PASS bylaws and the structure of the PASS Board, to ensure that these align with our changing membership, our priorities, and our direction as an organization. Over the coming months, we will be looking at opportunities to increase flexibility to gain expertise and diversity on the Board, as well as identifying any knowledge gaps that exist.

We were aware that Chris Woodruff’s transition from the Board had left a gap in expertise for the developer audience. As announced earlier today via PASS News, the motion was proposed and passed to appoint Chris as a non-voting Board advisor. This will allow him to continue attending Board meetings and providing his insights around the strategic direction of the organization.

Discussions also started around the FY 2020 planning process, building on the momentum we started with our FY 2019 pillars. One of the key areas of focus discussed for FY 2020 was the need to identify ways to diversify revenue outside of just PASS Summit. I look forward to sharing more details with you as our FY 2020 planning gets underway.

We’ve made lots of progress this fiscal year and have lots more to come, we’re excited for what the rest of FY 2019 has in store!