The PASS community has rapidly expanded over the years to include a wide variety of data professionals from across the industry. As our membership grows, our commitment remains unchanged; to provide industry-leading educational content that meets the needs of all of our members.

To help us deliver on this commitment, we have listened to the feedback we’ve received from community members and survey responses, and we have worked closely with industry experts; including Local and Virtual Group Leaders, Organizers, Regional Mentors, and Board members.

By working with these groups and analyzing the data we’ve received from the PASS Summit attendee survey, membership survey, educational program survey, and SQLSaturdays, we have been able to identify three fundamental areas–or streams–that best represent our community as a whole - Data Management, Analytics, and Architecture.

  • Data Management - this stream includes all data management and database development-related topics, with a focus on structuring, managing, and scaling your data.
  • Analytics - this stream includes all analytics and BI-related topics, with a focus on analyzing and making sense of your data to inform business decisions.
  • Architecture - this stream includes all architecture, infrastructure, DevOps, and deployment-related topics, with a focus on designing, building, and reinforcing your data ecosystem.
As our membership grows, these streams will make it easier for PASS members to select skill-based educational content, wherever they are in their data journey. PASS members can expect all of the same amazing educational content, and we will continue to expand these offerings as job functions continue to change and evolve within PASS.

Over the coming months, we will be introducing these streams into our educational program so that members can more easily identify content suited for them.

For a first look at these three streams, please join our one-day only replay of the top 16 sessions from PASS Summit 2018–The PASS Data Expert Series–and let us know your thoughts about these new learning streams. These sessions will not be available for streaming after the event, unless you attended PASS Summit 2018 or purchased session streaming, so sign up today to save your seat.

If you’d like to get more involved in building out our educational content throughout the year, please send us your feedback, either by completing surveys like our 2019 PASS Educational Program Survey or by reaching out to us directly at, and get involved with volunteer opportunities like the 2019 PASS Program Committee to help shape the future of PASS’ educational content.

As always, thank you for your contributions to the PASS community, your feedback and support make all of this possible.