On November 7, 2018 the polls will open, and our community will cast their votes in support of the candidates up for election for the 2019/2020 PASS Board seats. Today we announce the slate of candidates. Three candidates for three seats. You may be wondering how we got here. Let me tell you.

Each year the Nomination Committee (NomCom) has the challenge of vetting potential candidates to ensure that they are qualified, then rating them against the ideal candidate description to provide the community with some insight into how the candidates stack up against the established criteria. The goal is to put forward the strongest slate possible. First and foremost, that means qualified candidates suitable for the role. Secondly, that means a variety of candidates so that the community can then choose who they want to represent them.

This year, we started the process with 6 candidates. Throughout the course of interviews, 2 of these candidates removed themselves from consideration. While this was disappointing, a key function of this process is to ensure that individuals are willing, able, and excited to join the Board! If they aren’t, for any of these reasons, then we support them in stepping out of the process. When it came time to confirm candidates for the slate, the NomCom determined that one of the remaining candidates was not quite ready to fulfill a seat on the Board and was thus not suitable to make the slate. If you refer to our published Ideal Candidate Description, the expectations for Board members are high, and we felt this individual wasn’t there yet. This decision is perhaps the most fundamental function of the NomCom – ensuring that those who end up on the slate will serve the organization well.

What this means is that no matter how the votes go, each individual on this year’s slate will get a seat and join the PASS Board. While this isn’t ideal, we must not forget that the function of the NomCom is to do just what they have done here. This year, I had the task of chairing the NomCom. I’m not sure I can express the magnitude of work that our community members on the NomCom put into supporting our elections. It was a pleasure to work alongside such dedicated volunteers.

While I had hoped for a larger slate, I stand by the work done by the NomCom and I believe that the candidates being put forward to the community are strong and will serve us well. Congratulations to Lori Edwards, Roberto Fonseca, and Jennifer Moser. I look forward to seeing what you accomplish in your tenure as Board members. If you'd like more details on these individuals, please view the candidate page

The question now is – why vote? There is a functional reason, and that is to determine who wins the regional US/Canada seat. Which of our two US/Canada candidates will add the responsibility of providing that regional perspective to their role? Beyond that, vote to tell us that you care and to help us shape change. In the coming weeks we will be considering how we can adjust our process going forward. We will be sending a survey to our voters to ask for their help and perspective. If you want to participate, please vote. Finally, vote to win! Every person who votes is eligible to win a free registration to PASS Summit 2019.

If you have any questions or feedback please send it to Governance@pass.org.

Thank you