One of the things that makes our community so unique, and something that we should all be very proud of, is how supportive our members are of one another – that is the spirit of PASS.

As a global membership made up of data professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds, our members should feel safe and welcome wherever they are, whenever attending community events. For this reason, PASS has an Anti-Harassment Policy (AHP) that exists to set clear expectations around unacceptable behavior.

If an incident occurs that makes you feel unsafe or uncomfortable while at a PASS event, either online or in-person, I want to remind you to file an official incident summary report with I know firsthand how difficult and upsetting it can be to file a report after a violation occurs, however, unreported incidents cannot be investigated.

In short, if we don’t know - we can’t help. Public comments alluding to issues that haven’t been reported through the official channels do not permit us to take action. I want to assure you that reports are completely confidential and will be dealt with anonymously and discreetly.

We have provided an AHP that SQLSaturday organizers can adopt for their events and upon request, PASS will assist with the process of handling any reported incidents. Once an incident report has been filed, the Anti-Harassment Review Committee will review the relevant circumstances and may decide to warn or ban the accused from attending PASS owned events.

As independently run events, PASS cannot enforce the adoption of a SQLSaturday AHP. However, we strongly recommend that all SQLSaturday events adhere to this policy for the safety of their attendees.

We want to remind you that the AHP applies to any member of the PASS community. Harassment of any kind, directed at any members or contributors of PASS, will not be tolerated and is subject to the terms of the AHP.

We appreciate feedback at any time, and we encourage you to send it to us through the appropriate team:,, or governance@pass.orgLet’s work together to keep PASS the exceptional community it is!