The PASS organisation has always benefitted from a close working relationship with our vendors. Beginning with founding partners Microsoft and CA technology in 1999, we’ve since added the Global Alliance Partner (GAP) program to help us strengthen ties with industry-leaders like QuestSentryOneRedgate, and IDERA. These partnerships have given us insights into emerging trends in the data industry, flexibility in piloting new programs, and a reliable sounding board for initiatives that support the evolution of our community.

Realising the value that these programs offer both PASS and our partners, we look forward to developing relationships even further with the introduction of our Knowledge Partner Program. This new program will allow vendors to provide year-round educational content, white papers, and learning tools, at no cost to the PASS community. 

While PASS Summit, SQLSaturdays, virtual and local groups, and the GAP program are all successful platforms for connecting vendors with our global network of data professionals, the Knowledge Partner Program gives partners the opportunity to actively participate in PASS with minimal financial and time commitments, making it easier for them to share the latest advancements in data and data technologies, 365 days a year.

This program not only reinforces our commitment to increasing the educational content made available to our members in FY19, but it will also help us to generate much needed financial support throughout the year, which will be reinvested into the organisation and used to fund new initiatives and community growth.

We are excited to build on the success of the GAP program by introducing this new partnership program, supporting increased engagement between our vendor partners and the community.  

I’d like to officially welcome our newest Knowledge Partners Attunity, ZAP, and Datavail, alongside our existing GAP partners, to the PASS family. We look forward to working with you and sharing your expertise with the community.

For more information on the Knowledge Partner Program or to become a Knowledge Partner, visit