We take the privacy of your data and the way we communicate with you very seriously. In preparation for the GDPR regulations coming into effect on May 25, 2018, the team at PASS HQ has been working diligently to review our business processes, and ensure that PASS is in a defendable position for compliance in two key areas: Communications Practices and Data Protection.

Communications Practices

PASS does not send Commercial Electronic Messages without your express or implied consent, unless that message is transactional in nature or directly related to your PASS membership (i.e. Governance). Our communications practices have been standardized using the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), which is one of the highest standards for communicating via email and online messaging platforms, and helps to support compliance efforts for PASS’s global membership. PASS has been operating under these guidelines for several years now, which has put us in a strong position for the incoming GDPR regulations.

Data Protection
To ensure that your data is not used, shared, or stored without your consent, we have been documenting our processes and reviewing our websites and tools, referencing best practices along the way. We have updated our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy so that you know how and where we use your data. You can change your profile settings any time at pass.org.

Compliance is an ongoing process that requires regular review and maintenance, and we will continue to assess our business processes and IT infrastructure to keep your data secure. This maintenance may include changes to some of the features you have been used to seeing a certain way and these changes will be posted to PASS News as they are identified.

To achieve global compliance in data privacy, data protection, and electronic communication standards, there will be some changes happening in the coming days:

  • The updated Terms of Use and Privacy Policy will make it easier to understand how we collect and use your data 
  • Messaging on the PASS website will notify visitors of our use of cookies
  • We will update messaging throughout the site wherever use of data is unclear
  • We will notify you of any necessary changes that are required as a result of our ongoing site and tool audit

As we assess the various portals used by SQLSaturday organizers, Local Group Leaders, and Virtual Group Leaders, we anticipate that there may be areas that still need to be addressed. Where we can prevent these areas of risk with updated Agreements or Terms of Use we will do so, however, there may be other areas where portal functionality places PASS and its volunteers at risk of violating data compliance guidelines. In cases where compliance is a factor, changes will be non-negotiable.

If you have questions as at any time, you can contact communityteam@pass.org. If you have specific questions around data compliance, contact governance@pass.org.

We will continue to keep our members up-to-date through every step of the process, prior to changes being implemented. Stay tuned for more communications regarding GDPR coming soon.