One of my top priorities since stepping into my role as VP of marketing, has been to refine and improve our communications strategy across the organization. While we have made improvements in our communications process – increasing our social media activity and providing more context in communications like the open letter from Grant on the future of SQLSaturday and the associated townhalls to address any outstanding questions – we’ve heard your feedback and know that we still have a lot of work to do. Complete transparency with the entire global community is our goal and we are committed to achieving this. 

I’d like to specifically address our most recent communications regarding changes to the SQLSaturday speaker registration process. While we had prepared a series of communications for SQLSaturday organizers, we failed to deliver this message to the speakers who were most impacted by this change. This was a was an oversight in our communications plan which shouldn’t have happened. We recognize that we need to allow more time to communicate changes before they occur to ensure, to the best of our ability, that everyone that may be impacted is aware. 

Having had the opportunity to review community feedback and identify the gaps in our communications plan, we realize that there are key areas to address going forward. 

We work with the Community Advisory Group, consisting of our Directors-at-Large Allen White, John Martin, Eduardo Castro, Chris Yates, Chris Woodruff, and Diego Nogare, on a regular basis to review changes before they are made. We will continue to collaborate with this group, leveraging their knowledge and expertise. This includes sharing communications plans with them to ensure that we are clearly and effectively communicating changes with the community before they are implemented, so that there is full transparency into why changes are made, who is affected, and the impact of those changes.

I would encourage you to contact any of us on the Board, at any time, to provide your thoughts and feedback.

Our Community Team will continue to reach out to volunteers, organizers, and group leaders, and it is also the responsibility of PASS HQ to inform impacted members of the greater community, before changes take effect. We will do a better job of being open and direct in our communications. 

To achieve this, the Board will work closely with PASS HQ to ensure improved transparency in all of our community, process, and governance communications, sharing these through the appropriate communications channels – PASS Connector, PASS News, PASS Blog, social media – and collecting feedback for consideration.

I am confident that this improved strategy will help us to achieve the transparency we have been working towards to improve as an organization, instilling a greater sense of community and involvement among our members. 

Of course, this will be an ongoing process and as we receive feedback from the community, we will be agile in making adjustments and improvements where needed. 

We will continue to look for ways to respond directly or through social media as quickly as possible and we appreciate your understanding that certain issues require the attention of multiple stakeholders on the Board and in PASS HQ, before an official response can be made. 

I’d like to thank the many community members who took the time to write blog posts, send emails, and provide feedback over the past few weeks, these insights help us to recognize when our processes are broken and allow us to take the necessary steps to make corrections. 

I would also like to express my personal investment in this renewed level of transparency and my commitment to taking an active role in achieving this for our community.   

As always, please feel free to reach out to me or any of the other Board members directly, we’re happy to answer your questions and share your feedback.