On January 30, we kicked off 2 days of Board meetings in Woodinville, Washington, where we welcomed our newest members to the Board. It was great to see such a diverse group of data professionals being represented in the room.

First up on the agenda was a review of our priorities throughout the fiscal year. PASS is in the business of connecting and training data professionals globally. We believe that by providing world-class educational content, we will not only increase member engagement, but also drive attendance to events like PASS Summit, helping us to close our revenue gap.

While a diverse community like ours will always have specific and unique requests, we have a significant deficit that we need to address in FY 19 and we can’t lose focus on making progress in areas that impact our global community as a whole.   

With that in mind, our FY 19 PASS Priorities were clear:

  1. Educational Content – Our community wants valuable content above all. Enhancing the content we offer across our global audiences will drive membership engagement and ultimately support revenue growth for PASS.
  2. Accessibility – We need to drive accessibility of our content offerings. PASS might have great content, but if our members can’t effectively search and access it, it has no value.
  3. Engagement – This is what makes PASS unique. Our organization is built on our global network of data professionals connecting and sharing knowledge with one another. To succeed in the long term, we need to focus on facilitating these exceptional experiences for our worldwide audience.  

These 3 priorities – content, accessibility, and engagement – will best position us to expand the value that we offer our members and help us close our financial gaps by driving attendance to revenue generating events. 

Our focus over the last few years has been on growing our membership, but now it’s time for us to engage with our existing membership as a whole. 

What does this mean for the PASS community? Lots more educational content, 365 days a year. The Board’s efforts will be invested in supporting the generation of industry-leading content and universal training and networking opportunities through PASS. This means better year-round content offerings and improved accessibility on pass.org, by enhancing communications across our membership, updating search functionality in the Learning Center, and finding new ways to engage with our global members.

One considerable change within the Board itself is a transition away from assigned portfolios. This portfolio structure did not align with our need for a unified focus. This change will allow us to leverage the diverse expertise and representation of the Board in all aspects of community engagement. 

Our priorities are not about deprioritizing existing programs. They are about generating revenue and improving our overall financial health so that we can achieve our ultimate goal as an organization – sharing content and better serving our global audience.

There have been a lot of questions specifically surrounding the future of SQLSaturday (which I addressed in further detail in my letter to the community), but let me assure you, PASS loves SQLSaturday. We have put a lot of muscle into helping you make SQLSaturday the outstanding success it is today; including the newly announced PASS Summit 2018 referral program. 

Of course, there will always be wish lists of initiatives that we’d love to work on, but we must stay on track in order to increase registrations at paid events and generate revenue which we can invest back into our organization for years to come. We can no longer support a deficit, it will kill us.

This content-first focus will provide tremendous value for our members and solve our revenue problem, so that we can provide a better service for our global community 365 days a year.