Every year we ask a lot of our PASS Summit Program Committee volunteers. Conference programming is always a challenge as we seek to please a wide variety of people and professionals. It requires an extraordinary amount of time, energy, and collaboration to make sure it’s done right. It is even more challenging when you layer on new ideas, approaches, and goals to what was a well-oiled machine.

This year we saw a lot of change with our approach to PASS Summit educational programming. We recreated the conference tracks and introduced invited speakers. For the Community Call for Speakers we changed our review process, reduced the size of our volunteer Program Committee, applied (and refined) new content frameworks, introduced new audience focuses, and did it all in a shortened timeline. Not only did we drive noticeable change for PASS Summit but the change was echoed across everything our Program Committee does behind the scenes. We drove a strategic vision to create the best ever PASS Summit educational program, and I am thrilled with the results

We owe a huge thank you to each and every Program Committee member. Our long-time committee managers Lance Harra and Mindy Curnutt were joined this year by Jay Robinson as we looked to round out content expertise. This leadership team embraced the challenge set by the Board and more than rose to the occasion. Thank you Lance, Mindy and Jay!

Our Program Committee team was comprised of a total of 25 volunteers who all gave a tremendous amount of their time and expertise. I’d like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank and recognize each member of our team for their hard work, dedication, and perseverance in a year of significant change. I do believe that we have created the best ever PASS Summit program and that we have laid a foundation for future growth and improvement. We could not have done it without them. 

Please join me in celebrating our PASS Summit 2017 Program Committee:

Program Committee Managers:
Mindy Curnutt
Lance Harra
Jay Robinson

Program Committee Team Leads:
Jason Brimhall
Ben DeBow
Louis Davidson
Ed Watson

Program Committee Members:
Tjay Belt
Lisa Bohm
Johan Ludvig Brattås
David Easley
Roberto Fonseca
David Gabele
Rie Irish 
Steve Jones
Ben McNamara
Scott Murray
Andrew Nakamura
Charlene Ney
Yanni Robel
Arnie Rowland
Michael Skinner 
Paul Timmerman
Jamie Wick
Melody Zacharias
One final note, if you’re attending PASS Summit this year, make sure to come see us at the PASS Community Zone where Program Committee members will be offering abstract writing advice on Wednesday and Thursday between 12:00pm – 1:00pm.

See you in Seattle!

Wendy Pastrick
Director, Educational Content