As Tim Ford recently explained, PASS has observed a growth in members who identify as developers. The PASS Board is committed to working strategically across portfolios to meet the educational needs of this growing developer audience while continuing to serve our established community of DBAs, architects, IT Pros and BI professionals. 

To achieve this goal as it relates to PASS Summit, the Program team has set aside several PASS Summit sessions to focus on developer-related subject matter. These sessions are intended to meet the needs of developers with relevant and timely content that relates to data connectivity and data access. The Program team is working with a small group of seasoned invited speakers with concentrated developer expertise to create these sessions. 

Developer-focused speakers and sessions balance and complement the PASS Summit 2017 program lineup in two ways. First, by serving and supporting our growing developer audience. Second, by providing interested DBA, Database Developer, Architect, IT Pro, and BI community members with the opportunity to learn more about the development process, technologies and languages.

I want to reassure our core community that the number of DBA focused community sessions will not change from previous years. Given the thoughtful and curated approach to building the Summit program—through our content framework strategy and mix of invited speakers and call for speaker candidates—the overall session caliber and quality is sure to impress and excite this year’s attendees.

As always, I’m interested in any and all feedback you may have. Feel free to add a comment below or email me at

Wendy Pastrick
Director, Educational Content