Exciting innovation is coming to this year’s PASS Summit program. With the Board committed to deliver the best possible educational experience for attendees, PASS has conducted industry research over the last few months to assess the Summit program. Current data points to the need for a substantial transformation regarding the educational content which will affect the way community speakers are selected. These changes will establish a coherent and comprehensive program strategy that is content driven and provides strong educational value to attendees.

Although ideas are already under discussion about the best way to innovate Summit content, the community’s input is needed to help finalize the changes. That said, I’m calling on the community to participate in the PASS Summit 2017 Program Survey. The more feedback PASS receives, the more comprehensive your collective voice will be in shaping the future of the program offering. Two town hall online meetings are set on April 13 for even further community discussion. Please register to join. The survey and town hall are your chance to voice your opinions, and I hope that you will share openly.

Now, let’s dive into the changes around the speaker selection process. 

Experienced community speakers with a consistent track record for highly rated Summit sessions will be invited to work closely with the Program team to develop updated sessions for specific content areas. PASS is also looking to invest in a small number of new Summit speakers to further strengthen the educational value of the event. 

The open call for speakers is planned for May, and the submission guidelines will be enhanced to make it easier to understand the type of content desired to offer a well-rounded Summit program. The ratio of invited speakers to speaking spots available through the call for speakers will be determined once the content needs are more finalized.

Summit pre-conference session planning is also undergoing some changes. With an aim to provide updated quality content that addresses audience needs, the option to submit pre-conference abstracts through the call for speakers will no longer be available. Instead, if you wish to be considered as a pre-conference speaker, please fill out this call for interest form and email it to our Program team by April 7 at 7 AM UTC. Highly-rated, experienced full-day speakers with expert knowledge of their key topic area will be considered.

PASS recognizes these are big changes for the community and we ask for your support as the Summit program refocuses to be content-driven in a comprehensive and thoughtful way. 

Once again, please fill out the survey – it’s an integral piece to finalizing the direction of the new program. By participating, you can enter a draw for a full conference three-day Summit registration! Also, don’t forget to register for the town halls on April 13.

Stay tuned for more details regarding Summit tracks, pre-conference sessions, general sessions, and speakers in the next couple of weeks as we analyze the survey results and continue to review all the content research. 

Wendy Pastrick
Director, Educational Content