I’m pleased to announce to the global PASS membership that our new website is now live! I am excited to share some of the changes with you today.

Greatly enhanced functionality, features, and navigation

The first thing you will notice is that we have moved to PASS.org as our new URL. This reflects both the change in our name in 2013 and our commitment to supporting all data professionals. Our social media handles and hashtags will not change. You can continue to talk to us @sqlpass. (Be sure to let us know what you think of the new website!)

The website now includes improved navigation and enhanced usability, is mobile-responsive, and has a clean, engaging new design. I encourage you to explore the enhanced functionality of the Learning Center, the portal that contains our educational resources. The portal gathers all of our existing learning resources and puts them in one easily accessible place, with improved tagging and new search capabilities to find the exact content/session recordings you’re looking for.

“Chapters” are now “Groups”

We have renamed Local Chapters and Virtual Chapters to Local Groups and Virtual Groups. The term “user group” actually has more contextual meaning globally and has been interchangeable with “Chapter” for years, so we decided it made sense to make the terminology consistent. This decision was supported by a number of discussions with community leaders through some of our planning sessions and site reviews.

myPASS enhancements

As part of the website redevelopment, we have made managing your myPASS profile, as well as your communication preferences, much easier. These are now accessible via a quick-glance mega-menu at the top, as well as a cleaner dashboard that makes it easier to access all of your Groups, upcoming events, and newsletter subscription preferences.

Refreshed brand

The new website incorporates our new branding. It is fresh, modern, and engaging and includes the elements of our educational offerings, as well as everything that makes our community unique. The brand is now in full effect, and you will see more of it. Collateral is being shared with community leaders and SQLSaturday organizers, and new brand guidelines will help members of the community know how to use all of our new branding. If you haven’t already seen it, I encourage you to watch the PASS Brand video to get a better understanding of how we arrived at the new brand.

Virtual Group sub-sites

When you visit our Virtual Group pages, you will notice they have been updated with our new design and branding. They now follow the improved navigation of our main site.

Continued enhancements, SQLSaturday and community site updates

While the first phase of the project was to deliver on improved navigation, structure, and the Learning Center on the PASS website, we have commenced with phase 2 of the project. Next we will be redesigning the SQLSaturday portal and event websites and our Local Group sites. Both will be completed later this year. In addition, we will be working on enhanced tagging of our content to enable better access to all of PASS’ content.

A big thank you

An undertaking like this isn’t easy and involves many people. I would like to take this time to thank the PASS HQ team for their hard work, as well as our vendors, Graphically Speaking, INNO Software, and Bully Design Co. In addition, I’d like to acknowledge those enthusiastic members of the community who provided feedback and volunteered their time for user testing.

We’re not done

This is not the end of the website redevelopment. We will continually ensure the site remains current, reflecting best practices in the industry. Please spend some time exploring the new site and experiencing these improvements for yourself. We welcome your feedback: feedback@pass.org.

Denise McInerney
Vice-President, Marketing