Volunteers are the lifeline of PASS. And as 2009 draws to a close, we want to express our heartfelt thanks to the thousands of people who prove the power of giving every day by volunteering their time and talents to PASS—from the local chapter level to regional and virtual events to the Board of Directors.

Volunteers run PASS, and the simplest actions make a difference. Every effort builds on another to create a valuable chapter meeting, an insightful SQL Server Standard article, a successful SQL Saturday, a phenomenal 24 Hours of PASS, and an unparalleled PASS Summit. And every task has its own gift for the giver: a new business contact or friend, greater confidence in speaking, a new outlet for sharing your knowledge and skills, tips for better meetings, more management experience, or fresh ideas you can apply to other areas of your work or personal life.

So all PASS wants this holiday season is you! How can you get involved—or more involved—in volunteering with PASS? First, check out the PASS Volunteers page for an overview of volunteer opportunities and the PASS Chapters page to find your local chapter or virtual chapters you may be interested in volunteering with. Then read the following blogs for inspiration and descriptions of various ways you can help support and grow the SQL Server community through PASS:

Thanks, again, to the many passionate volunteers who power PASS. There would be no association without you.