The PASS Board of Directors today approved its new Executive Committee for the 2010-2011 term. The new ExeCo is:

President -- Rushabh Mehta
Executive Vice President (Finance) -- Bill Graziano
Vice President (Marketing) -- Rick Heiges

Due to widespread interest in greater transparency and communications between PASS leadership and the community, 2009 featured a departure from previous appointment processes.  Unlike years past, candidates -- all current elected members of the Board -- nominated themselves for the open position of Vice President (Marketing), traditionally the most junior role on the Executive Committee.  There were three candidates for the position of Vice President (Marketing).  The candidacy for the other two positions, President and Executive Vice President (Finance), followed the Board's established precedent of ascension, with Rushabh Mehta moving from Executive VP to President, and Bill Graziano moving from VP-Marketing to Executive VP.

In keeping with the Bylaws, the Officer Appointment Committee (OffCom) was formed to guide the process.  This "OffCom", chaired by IPP Kevin Kline and consisting of Rushabh Mehta (EVP), Bill Graziano (VP-Marketing), and Judy Christianson (Executive Director at PASS Headquarters), interviewed each candidate at length.  Following these interviews, the entire Board of Directors met with the individual candidates for a Q&A.  Based on these interviews and discussions, the OffCom then recommended an Executive slate to the Board and put it to an official vote.  The Board approved this slate.

Congratulations to the new ExeCo, and good luck!