By Damu Venkatesan

The PASS Healthcare SQL Virtual Chapter was recently formed to bring together SQL Server and healthcare IT professionals. Members of this virtual chapter share and learn from one another, as well as support and address the unique challenges faced in the healthcare / life sciences field.

How did this all come to be? I attended PASS Summit in 2010 and 2011 where I met so many SQL users from various healthcare organizations and gained so much from our conversations. I realized that if we came together as an online community, we could share SQL Server / healthcare IT knowledge and solve many common issues we face in this industry, all year round! I approached PASS HQ to start a Healthcare SQL Virtual Chapter and - with their encouragement support - a new virtual chapter was born. 

Our mission is to learn and share SQL Server knowledge to make healthcare IT more effective and productive. Throughout the year we will be hosting online presentations and meetings on a regular basis with presenters from around the globe. We will also have an online forum where members can share ideas, tips and techniques, as well as get answers to those burning SQL Server questions.

If you are interested in learning and sharing SQL Server/healthcare IT knowledge please join us at and become a member of the PASS Healthcare Virtual Chapter. If you would like to present at an upcoming session, please contact me, Damu Venkatesan, at

Find out more at and follow us on Twitter @HealthcareSQLVC