The countdown is on to what is truly going to be the best PASS summit ever. The PASS Board, our team at HQ, marketing and media consultants, sponsorship sales team, production teams, Microsoft, community leaders, volunteers, and countless other folks are working very hard to provide attendees with a truly unique experience. Two weeks back, I had the opportunity to meet with senior Microsoft executives in Redmond, to discuss among other things, the upcoming PASS Summit. They share in our excitement and disclosed all the hard work happening within the Microsoft SQL Server team to make PASS Summit a resounding success.
Community leaders are pitching in with amazing ideas and initiatives. For example, Aaron Nelson (@SqlVariant) is leading an initiative to promote and get attendees acquainted with #sqlhelp on Twitter. Our program committee has been working hard on refining program schedules and reviewing every session slide deck to ensure the highest quality of training. Board member Thomas LaRock is setting up a program to help first time attendees get the most out of their Summit experience and another Board member, Andy Warren is working on making our networking segment stronger than before. Mark Souza, the Microsoft Business Platform Division Director, is working on enhancing the interaction between attendees and the Microsoft engineering team. These are just a handful of initiatives underway to enhance your PASS Summit experience.

This year’s Keynotes include the much coveted session from David DeWitt on Query Optimization 101 that was chosen based on popular demand by you, our PASS members. The keynotes by Ted Kummert and Tom Casey are slated to be equally amazing and hold a promise of some big announcements. You do not want to miss the opening keynotes. Be in your seats before the keynote start time, rumor has it there might be some prizes up for grabs…
As always, our Women-In-Technology luncheon boasts another fantastic panel of speakers and promises to continue its tradition of providing insight on current trends and issues.
You also do not want to miss out on the Exhibit Hall and Community Learning Center. This is your one-stop-shop to chat with community experts and gather valuable details of products and services that will enhance your investments in the Microsoft SQL Server and Business Intelligence platform.
For those of you who want more, you will not be disappointed. There are a ton of activities slated for inside and outside of the convention center. Take a look at our Connect page and the After Hours page for more information. Also a big thank you to Joseph Guadagno for putting together this site to enable easy sharing of information about informal PASS Summit goings on.

With the community rallying behind this event, is it any wonder that this truly will be the best PASS Summit ever? If you have not yet registered to participate in the event, now is the time. Use the discount code PREZ to register with a $200 discount off the current full conference rates. Do not forget to enhance your training experience and register for the in-depthPre and Post Conference sessions.
See you in 5 weeks and don't forget to pack your kilt!

Rushabh Mehta
PASS President