This morning the first day keynote for the PASS conference began at 8:30.  Before I introduced our speaker Ted Kummert, I announced some growth numbers for this year. This has been the biggest growth year in PASS history - by all measures. While there has been growth in all areas, right now I'll mention the Summit growth. The total number of delegates there is, at this moment is 2464, which is an astounding 62% growth over last year. Add to that the influence of the down economy when many conferences are seeing drastic reductions in attendance - PASS is growing by leaps and bounds. Truly amazing in this economy.

I just heard that Mike Ruthruff and Prem Mehra's first session this morning filled up 20 minutes before the session began.  That's a record also.  With 150 sessions, if you attend during each time slot, you'll only get to see about 8% of the sessions. Don't worry,  summit delegates will be able to see Prem's session, plus all of the other recorded sessions  as soon as they are posted.

Ted Kummert talked about the future of SQL, and spent time on Kilimanjaro. We saw high scalability demonstrations where a single data warehouse query was spread across 192 processors, searching through a 1 trillion row fact table, using commodity hardware.  We're going places!!!!