It's almost here!! I am already in Seattle and the wonderful folks from PASS HQ are due to arrive in Seattle today to oversee the final onsite preparations. Tomorrow morning, the eco-friendly canvas bags will start getting stuffed with goodies and on Sunday the actual signs and registration booths will be put up. The various staff members will have their pep talk and briefings and will be all ready - just in time for the first attendee to arrive at 4:00pm and register.

I had already mentioned that this was going to be the greatest PASS summit yet. It will also be the largest summit in terms of attendees and registration. I have been watching the registration numbers grow rapidly in the last few weeks. You will hear all the actual numbers and statistics in Wayne's keynote, but suffice to say - we have far exceeded all previous registration numbers by a huge margin. I believe that Kevin is going to mention something about it in his blog. Keep an eye out. You can truly expect one of the best summit experiences till date. Even the level of excitement around this summit within Microsoft is tremendous. The entire SQL Server Product group is prepping to make this summit a truly memorable experience. If you are attending the summit, you can be rest assured that you will leave on Friday with a lot more knowledge, information and new friends and great memories. If you have not yet decided remember that we still have the $1595 rate through the 18th for online registrations and a couple of our summit hotels are still honoring the discounted PASS rate.

Yesterday, we had a board meeting where we voted on the election slate to fill the 3 board positions that are up for elections. We have a very strong slate of candidates this year. I am truly excited at the skills each of these candidates will bring to the PASS board and the organization. Check out the PASS site for more information. The information will get posted today and if you are an eligible voting member, you will get your ballot by email. Watch out for the ballots.

Lastly, if you are packing for the summit, remember your umbrellas and warm jackets. Late last night when I got to my car which was sitting in an open parking lot on Microsoft campus, there was frost on my car!