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Welcoming our New PASS Board Members in 2019

After having some time over the holidays to recharge batteries and get ready for the year ahead, I’d like to thank our outgoing Board members Allen White, Chris Woodruff, and Eduardo Castro for their countless hours of service to the PASS community. They will be transitioning off the PASS Board on December 31, 2018.

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PASS Election 2018 Timeline

As we work towards improving the PASS Election process, I am excited to share the updates we have made to the Election timeline this year. Our goal is to increase community participation, encouraging both candidates to submit applications and eligible voters to submit their ballots. 

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Welcoming our Newly Elected Directors to the PASS Board

Last month, the PASS Community elected three new Directors-at-Large to join the PASS Board of Directors. I wanted to take a moment to once again congratulate the winners.

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PASS Board: The Regional Perspective

I have seen a lot of change and progress made within the PASS organization over the many years I have been a member. One thing that has remained unchanged is the unique level of support that our global members provide to one another. It’s this incredible network of data professionals that has ...

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Announcing the 2018 PASS Executive Committee

Last week I shared that the PASS Board would be voting on the 2018/19 PASS Executive Committee (ExecCo). Today I announce that the election resulted in our two longest serving Directors-at-Large moving into the ExecCo. The new ExecCo will take office on January 1, 2018. 2018/19 President – Gr ...

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PASS Board Meeting & Executive Elections

The PASS Board of Directors will be meeting in Vancouver on June 27 & 28, 2017 for two days of in-person Board meetings. One important item on the agenda is the Bi-Annual PASS Executive Committee Election. As the current Immediate Past President, I have the task of chairing this election process ...

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2017 PASS Elections

It’s that time again! Time for us to prepare for the 2017 PASS Board of Directors elections. That starts with the formation of the Nomination Committee (NomCom). Last year we made important changes to the way we form our NomCom to ensure we have a balanced perspective and a practiced group to ...

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Addressing Security Concerns around Election Voting

Taking part in a democratic process to elect leadership in our association is vital for making our voices heard and enacting positive change for PASS. The election process started months ago when the Nomination Committee was formed to review the voting process, vet candidates, and submit the final s ...

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PASS Board Election Candidate Scoring

In February of this year the PASS Board announced that the Nominations Committee (NomCom) election would be replaced by a new process where community members submit a letter of interest that would be published for the community to review. These changes were made in an effort to produce a practiced N ...

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New Nominations Committee Process Approved

At the March 10 Board Meeting, the Board voted to approve the proposed process to select the Nominations Committee (NomCom). For further details on what these changes involve, please read my blog post.

This is a significant change from the current process as there will no longer be an election to select the NomCom. Instead, community members who are interested will submit a brief one-page letter of interest (using this template), outlining their experience relevant to holding a position on the NomCom.

The PASS Board is looking to produce a practiced body (NomCom) to qualify Board applicants. Letters will be reviewed by the NomCom chair (that’s me) as well as the PASS Executive. We will then put forth a recommendation of NomCom members to the Board for approval. The criteria we will consider favorable in applications are as follows:

  • must be a current voting member of PASS (required);
  • have served on the board of a previous professional association/organization (preferred);
  • have previous experience (either as a candidate or as a committee member) with the PASS NomCom (preferred);
  • have experience in a leadership position (chapter leader, regional mentors, SQL Saturday organizers, etc.) within PASS (preferred).

Applications open today, Monday 14 March and will close Wednesday 23 March. To be considered, please email your letter of interest to PASS Governance.

A Town Hall Q&A with the ExecCo will also be held at 8:30–10:00 AM PST on 17 March to discuss this process and other election items for 2016. You can register for the Town Hall here.

Thank you.

Thomas LaRock
Immediate Past President


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