PASS Regional Mentor Program

The PASS Regional Mentor Program supports a team of passionate volunteers who are committed to the engagement, mentorship, and support of PASS Community Leaders and members in regions across the globe.

PASS Regional Mentors


Gogula Aryalingam photo

Gogula Aryalingam


Rob Farley photo

Rob Farley
Australia and New Zealand


Martin Catherall photo

Martin Catherall
Australia and New Zealand



Mihail Mateev photo

Mihail Mateev
Central and Eastern Europe


Tillmann Eitelberg photo

Tillmann Eitelberg


Oliver Engels photo

Oliver Engels


Régis Baccaro photo

Régis Baccaro


Annette Allen photo

Annette Allen
United Kingdom



Marcus Vinícius Bittencourt photo

Marcus Vinícius Bittencourt


Jose Rivera photo

Jose Rivera
Central America, Caribbean, and Mexico


Kenneth Urena photo

Kenneth Urena
Central America, Caribbean, and Mexico


Randolph West photo

Randolph West


Monica Rathbun photo

Monica Rathbun
US Mid-Atlantic


Sebastian Meine photo

Sebastian Meine
US Mid-Atlantic


Ed Leighton-Dick photo

Ed Leighton-Dick
US Midwest


TJay Belt photo

TJay Belt
US Mountain


Brian Davis photo

Brian Davis
US North Central

Arnie Rowland photo

Arnie Rowland
US North West


Lynn Mckee photo

Lynn Mckee
US South Central


Mala Mahadevan photo

Mala Mahadevan
US South East


Tim Radney photo

Tim Radney
US South East


Mitchell Bottel photo

Mitchell Bottel
US South West


Currently Available PASS Regional Mentor Opportunities

We are currently recruiting for the following regions (View Regions):

  • APAC (Asia)
  • EMEA (Central and Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, Western Europe, United Kingdom, Nordic, Israel, Middle East and Africa)
  • LATAM (South America, Brazil)
  • US/Canada (US Mountain, US North Central, US North East, US North West, US South Central, US South West)

If you are interested in applying for the Regional Mentor program, please review the Regional Mentor Program Outline closely and consider the responsibilities required for this role. 

Apply Now

Submissions will be accepted for open Regional Mentor positions on an ongoing basis.

Questions? Email the PASS Community Team at:

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