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Exciting PASS Newsletter Updates

We are pleased to announce that starting in August, we will be updating the format of our PASS Connector and BA Insights newsletters, to continue providing our members with the most relevant community news and educational content in the industry.

What changes are being made?

The PASS Connector will remain a community-focused newsletter, including organizational updates, news, community member spotlights, and events. More emphasis will be given to community-driven content making the PASS Connector for the Community, about the Community.

PASS Insights (formerly BA Insights) will continue to provide focused technical, educational, and career-based content, and in addition to our existing Business Analyst edition, we will now be offering three new versions of the PASS Insights newsletter: DBA, Developer, and BI.

Each newsletter edition will be sent once a month (a total of five newsletters per month).

This expanded offering will allow us to send highly-relevant, targeted content to our members, based on their areas of interest.

Who will be impacted?

If you are currently subscribed to the PASS Connector or BA Insights, this will impact you. You will continue to receive these, but the frequency of each edition will be reduced to once a month.  

As we are splitting the content between the PASS Connector and PASS Insights and don’t want you to miss out, PASS Connector subscribers who are not subscribed to BA Insights will now be sent the PASS Insights version that corresponds with their job function. This means that unless you update your subscription preferences, you will receive two newsletters per month. Sign in to to update your myProfile job function.

Members also have the option to subscribe to multiple versions of PASS Insights, sent on alternating days throughout the month. You can unsubscribe at any time.

We've made updates to the preference center in anticipation of this change, so please visit mySubscriptions to manage your preferences and select the PASS Insights editions that interest you!

When do these changes come into effect?

To prepare for the launch of the new editions, we will not be sending any PASS Connector or BA Insights newsletters in July. The updated editions will launch in August as follows:

PASS Connector

Wednesday, August 1

PASS Insights DBA-focused

Wednesday, August 8

PASS Insights BI-focused

Thursday, August 9

PASS Insights Developer-focused

Wednesday, August 22

PASS Insights Analyst-focused

Thursday, August 23

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