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On Thursday of last week (April 12), an email was sent to SQLSaturday organizers of live events with unpublished schedules, informing them of the implementation of a new requirement for all SQLSaturday speakers and co-presenters to register for SQLSaturday events prior to session approval. 

Due to community response regarding the roll out of these communications, and in the interests of transparency to our entire PASS membership, the below follow-up communication has been sent to all SQLSaturday organizers outlining the details of this implementation:

Hello SQLSaturday Organizers,

We would like to reach out to you directly regarding the newly implemented requirement for all speakers and co-presenters to register for SQLSaturday events before you, as the organizer, will be able to approve their session. This update went live at the end of last week, and was communicated to all organizers immediately impacted (those with live events and unpublished schedules) prior to the deployment, with the expectation for organizers to communicate the message on to speakers.
However, it has become clear that this approach was insufficient and we would like to apologize for causing confusion and concern. Our intention was never to dismiss the impact of this change or lack in transparency, and we take ownership of the negative reaction that resulted. Following the initial communication, our plan was to follow up this week with a detailed email to all organizers explaining several recent changes to the SQLSaturday site, but we now understand that we should have spread the word more widely to begin with, and want to share details on this point in greater detail. 
What has changed?
All speakers are now required to register for a SQLSaturday event in order to submit a session.
Why did this change?
From a governance perspective, this requirement ensures that all individuals (whether attendees, speakers or co-presenters), have agreed to the same Terms & Conditions. This change was also made in response to community feedback that speakers should have to fill in the same registration form as attendees so that all of their preferences are captured. 

Who does this affect & what is the impact?
Speakers are now required to register for a SQLSaturday event before submitting a session. 
Apart from filling out the registration form, there have been no other changes affecting a speaker’s ability to submit sessions.
This change did not impact any SQLSaturday event that had already published a schedule.
For SQLSaturday events which are currently in-flight but do not have published schedules, organizers will need to communicate with speakers to register for the event (if they have not already done so). 
For all future SQLSaturday events, speakers will not be able to complete their session submission without meeting this requirement. When a speaker navigates to the Session Submission page, they will be notified that they need to register for the event.
If a speaker’s submission is not selected and they would no longer like to attend the SQLSaturday event, they can simply unregister, or you as the organizer, can unregister them. If a speaker’s submission is not selected, but they would still like to attend, they can remain registered.
When a speaker registers through the Call for Speakers process, they are not prompted to buy lunch. The lunch status defaults to a comped lunch and they are only required to select their lunch preferences. If they are not selected to speak, their lunch status will revert to “buy a lunch”, and they will be able to pay their for their lunch through PayPal via the mySQLSaturday portal. You as an organizer are able to pull a report of everyone that has registered and not yet paid for their lunch, and can follow up with registrants with an unpaid lunch status as a standard part of the process prior to an event.

Recognizing the impact that this change has not only on organizers, but also on speakers and the greater PASS community, immediately following this communication and going forward for all updates of this scale, we will share the content of these emails on PASS News and through our social media channels. We would also ask that you share this information with your SQLSaturday speakers in the same way you would communicate any other message to volunteers, sponsors and attendees. 
As mentioned in the SQLSaturday Open Letter from Grant, and in the Q&A sessions, we have deployed a few additional exciting changes to the SQLSaturday site, including the ability for attendees to manage their lunch preferences, for speakers to view their session evaluations online and for organizers to decide when their event will go live. We will be sending out more detailed communications to SQLSaturday organizers on the rest of these updates in the coming weeks. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the details above, please send these to

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