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Quest Survey Results: Help Quest Serve You Better as a DBA

As a Platinum Global Alliance Partner, Quest recently completed their survey “Help Quest Serve You Better as a DBA” with the PASS membership. Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit the survey.

Your feedback is valuable and helps our partners make improvements to their tools and prioritize new features. Our partners strive to meet the needs of data professionals and do what they can to help make your job easier and more efficient.

The results of Quest's survey* are summarized below - see where you fit in comparison with your peers.

In order of priority, these are the top 5 issues that keep SQL Server DBAs up at night:

1.       Proactively diagnosing and resolving issues
2.       Ensuring the health of database systems
3.       Determining critical issues and prioritizing actions
4.       Not enough time in the day
5.       Reduced IT budgets and resources

The top 3 metrics respondents believed their manager would rate as most important in a SQL Server environment:

In terms of challenges faced in the database environment, respondents said the biggest strategic obstacle was database growth, followed by disaster recovery, and managing multiple database platforms.

When asked about SQL Server 2017, 54% said they have SQL Server 2017 or will deploy it in the near future. Of that, 46% said they plan to implement cloud or hybrid versions.

Quest listens to your feedback and constantly seeks to improve their SQL Server solutions that provide simplicity without compromise – affordable solutions that save you time and improve your SQL Server environment anywhere, anytime, from any device. Get Started today and sleep better tonight!

* Quest Survey to PASS members

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