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Evolve and Innovate at PASS Summit 2017

The role of a Microsoft data professional is ever changing, constantly evolving – and so should the conversation. PASS Summit 2017 has added new tracks to this year’s program that focus on the skills and tools needed to prepare oneself (and their career!) for tomorrow’s workplace. 

These new tracks, Evolve and Innovate, focus on the softer skills of career development as well as future trends and innovations that affect the direction of careers and business growth. The Evolve track is designed for data professionals to proactively manage their career growth through leadership development and the evolution of today’s workplace. In the Innovate track, data professionals will bring back leadership and guidance on trends and innovations to their organizations. 

Some of these new sessions include:

Data Driven Digital Transformation 
Go beyond the buzzwords and let’s get real about how you can transform your company as a data professional.

Data Science for Social Good: Challenges & Successes
Learn best practices in applying data science to tough social (and business) challenges and the components needed to implement successful high-impact projects.

Future of Work: Human Assistance in the Intelligent Workplace
This trend will set apart companies that are leveraging intelligent assistance from those that are still trying to better processes by simply hiring more humans.
Imposter Syndrome - Sometimes Feel Like a Fraud? Welcome to the #PASSFamily
You overcompensate by working harder, being charming and demanding perfection from yourself. What would happen if you were released from this bondage, and kicked your impostor to the curb? 
Is the DBA Dead?...  or Alive (and Preparing for the Future)?
Find out real world statistics on the evolving role of the DBA, the concerns facing DBAs today and valuable insights on the DBAs path to career success.
Mental Health in Tech
When you combine the prevalence of mental illness with the long hours and isolation common in tech, the imperative for organizations to support this workforce becomes clear.

The 2017 PASS Summit brings together Microsoft data professionals from around the globe in Seattle, Washington, Oct 31 – Nov 3.

Check out the full program and register today.

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