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New Leadership for the DevOps Virtual Group

PASS Community member William Wolf (@SQLWareWolf) has officially taken over leadership of the renamed DevOps Virtual Group, previously known as the Infrastructure Virtual Group.

Involved with PASS since 2014, Bill started speaking locally at the SQL Server User Group in Pittsburgh and then at SQLSaturday Pittsburgh, where his passion for speaking really started to take off. From there, he presented at SQLSaturday DC where Grant Fritchey attended his session and recognized him as his speaker of the month. More than 35 SQLSaturdays lately, he loves to share knowledge with the PASS Community and is looking forward to breathing some new life into the DevOps Virtual Group.

Why do you feel DevOps content is important for the PASS community?

The role of the DBA is changing. Many of us have witnessed discussions on Twitter about the future of the DBA, and while I don’t think the role of the DBA will disappear any time soon, we are experiencing new challenges in our field. I believe the role of the DBA will trend toward database development and the need for data-driven decision making will become increasingly important. There will be less focus on the administration of hardware and settings, and more focus on the administration of processes and development.

As we all know, data is a precious resource. Being able to keep up with the high demand and getting information to clients in a timely fashion is critical. The PASS DevOps Virtual Group will aim to enhance the understanding of business needs for data professionals to deliver products efficiently.

What are some of the topics that you hope to cover in upcoming webinars?

I would love to find speakers who cover topics such as Continuous Development, Agility, and Automation. There might also be some great opportunities for professional development sessions to help both DBAs and management work together more closely towards an end goal.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I truly believe that DevOps is not just a hot word. We need to be able to deliver information properly, securely, and quickly. I'm hoping this PASS Virtual Group will provide members with the guidance they need to achieve these goals in their own work.

Join the DevOps Virtual Group & stay tuned for their next webinar “DevOps and the Agile DBA” with Kellyn Gorman at:

Questions? Reach out to Bill directly at, or the PASS Community Team at

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