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Quest Case Study: A PASS Global Alliance Partner Spotlight


PASS empowers data professionals who leverage Microsoft technologies to connect, share, and learn through networking, knowledge sharing, and peer-based learning.


Quest has more than 100,000 customers worldwide, spanning their portfolio of software solutions that help companies of all sizes.

Quest’s market-leading database management solutions automate database development, administration, monitoring, and replication. This helps their customers to increase productivity, optimize application performance, and reduce costs.

Through a long-standing partnership with PASS, Quest has increased their exposure within the PASS community, connecting with an evolving audience and helping to keep their finger on the pulse of IT professionals. This enables Quest to continue to provide thought leadership and innovative technology built on over 20 years of history and experience.


Quest experts acknowledge that businesses are increasingly adopting a variety of database platforms, both on premise and in the cloud, to manage the high volume of business-critical data and applications impacting their organizations.

Greg Davoll, Executive Director, Product Management and Marketing for Quest database management solutions comments, “Database tools and specifically SQL Server and Azure database services are hot topics right now among our customers. Most companies are grappling with the best way to manage and monitor an even more disparate database landscape with fewer resources than before”

By launching targeted Go-to-Market initiatives to the PASS community of over 250,000 members, Quest continues to grow their business by offering solutions that meet the shifting needs of the industry, strengthening their position as leaders in the space.


Quest has been a partner with PASS for over 10 years. Throughout the transition from Quest to Dell Software and back again, the support Quest has received from the PASS community has been unwavering.  

“PASS holds an important position in thought leadership and are considered a valuable resource and trusted advisor to the IT community. Because we share the common goal of aligning with global industry experts who are helping to define, expand and augment the resources that contribute to the overall success of data management, together we have enjoyed a very successful relationship” said Claudia Coleman, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Quest.

As technologies evolve and the complexities of database environments increase, PASS continues to share Quest’s passion in serving the needs of data professionals. The feedback Quest receives from the PASS community and the PASS Board is essential to their success.


The primary factor determining Quest’s decision to continue as a Platinum Member of the PASS GAP Program, year-over-year, is the outstanding awareness and lead generation results they have achieved, validating the resources and financial commitment that Quest dedicates to this partnership.

 “As the second largest financial supporter of PASS next to Microsoft, the initiatives we launch through this mutually beneficial partnership represent 30% of Quest’s overall lead gen results”, mentions Coleman.


As PASS grows their audience and continues to attract new members in the data management industry, Quest looks forward to continuing their partnership and targeting new audiences around the world.

“The opportunity to speak to the PASS community on a global-scale is an exciting prospect for us. Having that level of exposure to such a diverse network of professionals, puts us in a very strong and unique position,” says Davoll.

Being a Global Alliance Partner has been a proven success for Quest in the database field. To see how your company could become the next success story, view our media kit today.

To find out if Quest’s solutions might help meet your business needs, visit the Quest website to learn more.


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