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How to Transition Smoothly from Brio

By Julie Hyman

With Brio exiting the market, maybe you’re in a situation similar to thousands of data prep professionals: You need a new query and reporting platform, and you need it now.

I think I can help.

Join me for an informative webinar at the Business Analytics Marathon on June 7. I’ll be discussing “Replacing Brio: Practical Advice for Analysts.”

A Quick Tip on Finding the Right New Data Prep Tool

To give you an idea of what you’ll learn in this webinar, let me offer you one simple strategy for identifying the right data tool. 

Your first question in identifying the best tool should not be, “Which toolset best connects to Oracle?”. It can be tempting to find the first data prep application that works seamlessly with the database you use most frequently today.

But remember: You and your team will likely be pulling data from more than one source. If not today, odds are you will adopt new platforms in the future, and you do not want to have to make this move to a new data tool again. 

Just pause for a second to think about how frustrating your current predicament is of having to switch from your familiar Brio tool to something new. With that in mind, your first requirement of any new data tool should be that it is database-agnostic.

Even if you are connecting only to Oracle today or do not yet have any need to connect to cloud or one of the emerging NoSQL sources, you still need to find a tool that makes data access — and, more specifically accessing your data in any source — one of the tool’s cornerstone features. It just doesn’t make sense to lock yourself into any one database vendor’s view of the future. Give yourself options.

I hope that’s a helpful initial insight to get you started in your research for a new data prep system. Please join me at the BA Marathon for more helpful advice on switching from Brio.

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