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Ideal Description Helps PASS Members Run for Election

PASS has been working hard to make the elections process easier. This includes the Nominations Committee (NomCom) modernizing the application process and refining how applications are evaluated. This work has resulted in an Ideal Candidate Description that will help the NomCom determine which candidates will be recommended to make the final slate. The NomCom seeks to ensure that the Board reflects an overall diversity of skill, experience, and perspectives.

The Ideal Candidate Description is comprised of the following qualities that the NomCom feels would bring the right mix of experience and personal qualities to the PASS Board:

- Experience with PASS
- Strategic Vision for PASS
- Understanding of PASS
- Other Board Experience
- Written and Verbal Communication Skills
- Leadership/management skills
- Financial/Budget Experience
- References
- Influence
- Time Management Skills.

We encourage you to consider running for a Board seat. Please view the Nominations Committee and read through the Ideal Candidate Description and Evaluation of Ideal Candidate Qualities for further details on how candidates will be evaluated.

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