Advertising with PASS

At PASS, Community comes first! With 250,000+ members of data professionals who leverage the Microsoft Data Platform, PASS is an educational resource that enables its members to stay connected throughout the year, taking advantage of local events, online webinars/training, an annual educational conference (PASS Summit) and social media. 

Increase your brand presence, generate leads and network with industry influencers. We offer marketing solutions that allow you to Connect, Share and Learn with our community. 

Promote your company using display units on and Our websites reach over 400,000 users as they go through the educational content.  Additionally, expose your company through ad spaces on our newsletters and social networks. Combine all options and increase your brand recall! 

Lead Generation
Target specific communities within PASS or reach the entire audience. We work closely with advertisers to construct lead generation campaigns using email blasts, sponsored webinars and white papers. 

Events Sponsorship
PASS members participate in professional development opportunities through in-person group events, Virtual Groups, and webinars. Leverage these educational events to engage with our members.

Community Engagement
The Annual PASS Summit Conference is a global event that attracts an average of 4,000 attendees. Showcase a new product or service at the exhibit hall, generate leads for your sales team and network with an engaged and passionate audience.

Integrated Packages
Take advantage of custom marketing packages by combining multiple channels and planning strategic touch points throughout the year.

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