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PASS Program 2018 Wrap-up

On behalf of the PASS Program team, we would like to give a huge thanks to the community and all those that attended PASS Summit 2018. It was a great success in building connections, sharing, and learning that won’t be forgotten anytime soon. A special thank you to our outstanding speakers and dedicated program committee for their valuable time and effort in producing the top-notch content we experienced.

This year’s PASS Summit was delivered by 214 speakers presenting a total of 219 Pre-Conference Sessions, General Sessions, Half-Days, Panels, and Lightning Talks. The general feedback received on-site was incredibly positive and a total of 4,583 evaluations were received. While this total is down from 2017, we intend to explore all opportunities that will allow for easier access and more fluid submissions for the next PASS Summit.

Some of our speakers have taken the time to share their PASS Summit 2018 experiences and evaluation results. We’d like to share a few of them here: Brent Ozar, Andy Leonard, Cathrine Wilhelmsen, Kellyn Pot’Vin-Gorman, Steve Stedman.

Based on the session evaluations we received, here are the top 10 attended General Sessions:

  1. Getting Better Query Plans by Improving SQL’s Estimates, Brent Ozar (653)
  2. SSMS & T-SQL Tricks: Working Smarter, Not Harder, Bob Pusateri (631)
  3. Kick Start! SQL Server 2017 Performance Tips and Tricks, Pinal Dave (545)
  4. Columnstore Clustered vs Nonclustered, When to Choose What, Niko Neugebauer (490)
  5. Analyzing Performance Problems Using XEvents, DMVs & Query Store, Ola Hallengren (445)
  6. TembDB: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, Pam Lahoud (427)
  7. Inside SQL Server with Containers, Bob Ward (407)
  8. BI Power Hour, Adam Saxton, Matthew Roche, Patrick LeBlanc, Chris Webb, Meagan Longoria (390)
  9. Query Tuning Internals for the Advanced SQL Developer, Kevin Kline (387)
  10. Architecting for Scalability and Performance in Hybrid Workloads, Kimberly Tripp (364)

Looking towards PASS Summit 2019, we cannot emphasize enough how important your feedback is in the planning process. We take your feedback seriously and put it to use, in conjunction with the results of the annual program content survey and industry research to establish the framework for PASS Summit. We work with community volunteers who make up the PASS Program Management Team and Committee, Content Advisory Group, and the PASS Board to review abstracts, build and schedule the program, and to ensure that a comprehensive gap analysis is completed for breadth of content. 

We need your help in building the program and encourage you to participate in all avenues for providing feedback. If you have a spur of the moment idea, thought, or suggestion (none are too big or too small), you can reach us directly at,

As with the past two years, our aim is to build the PASS Summit program through a combination of curated and submitted sessions. Our goal is to establish a strong content framework that will produce a clear curriculum for speakers to adhere to when submitting to the PASS Summit Call for Speakers. It’s our hope to provide more guidance and insight into the selection process.

To give you a brief look at 2019, here is a high-level timeline of key events:

January  Pre-Conference Interest Survey
January  Program Content Survey
January  Call for Program Volunteers
March  Open Call for Speakers
April – May  Program Committee Abstract Review
June – July  Building of Program and Gap Analysis

Please make sure to keep an eye out for the PASS Summit Pre-Conference Interest Survey, the PASS Program Content Survey, and the PASS Program Call for Volunteers, all kicking off in January 2019. 

Your feedback is invaluable and an important part of building the PASS Summit program, we hope you will share and participate in the journey with us.

Happy Holidays from the PASS Program team! We look forward to an exciting year!

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